Check Bali Vehicle Tax Via Web e-Samsat – Did you know that now you can check Bali vehicle tax only by going through the e-Samsat website? You no longer need to come to the nearest Samsat office just to check your vehicle tax.

Each state offers application or online service capabilities to check various tax information. Consult the official website if you are interested in learning more about the area around the island of Bali.

How to Check Bali Vehicle Tax Through the Official E-Samsat Website


There are several websites that can be accessed on the internet to carry out motor vehicle tax audits.

On the official website E-samsat Bali Province, you will find an explanation of how to check vehicle tax as follows:

1. Login to the E-Samsat Bali website page

To check the motor vehicle tax officially only provided on certain pages, you can use the link to do a check.

Be careful when viewing the e-samsat page because there may be many parties who are not responsible and build fake websites.

Make sure the website can be visited safely by including the logo of the National Police, Bali Provincial Government and Samsat.

Also pay attention to the form provided, to verify vehicle tax usually does not require a lot of information.

2. Fill in the Data Correctly

The location of the vehicle can be seen on the front page of the Bali Samsat website. You only need to enter the police number, NIK, and the last five digits of your vehicle's chassis number to verify the information.

3. Wait for Process

After filling in the info accurately according to the form provided. Don't forget to click the process button to start your data search process.

The search procedure usually does not take long. All information related to motor vehicles, including taxes, can be found online in 3 to 5 minutes.How to Check Bali Vehicle Tax Through the Official E-Samsat Website

Advantages of Checking Vehicles on the Bali Samsat Website

The online vehicle tax check on this website offers users a number of advantages. To find out more, see the information and explanation below.

1. Does Not Require Space to Install Applications

Another option is to use application which can be downloaded and installed on your e-samsat device.

For the province of Bali this can be accessed by simply entering the website, and information about CBA will appear immediately.

2. Faster and Easily Accessible

In contrast to services in programs that usually require login or account creation. By using the website, users do not need to create an account first, they can check their vehicle tax.

In addition, choosing a website that is directly connected to the center via the internet will speed up the data search process.

Since you don't need to download and install anything, you can save app space.

Using a website to check motor vehicle information ranging from taxes to other complete information is easier to use than in-app services.

Advantages of Checking Vehicles on the Bali Samsat Website

This is because the approach to checking vehicle tax online may be faster and save storage.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about Bali vehicle tax, as follows:

When is the 2022 Vehicle Tax Bleaching in Bali?

The free transfer of motorized vehicle names took place from January 5 to June 3, 2022, while the abolition of motor vehicle tax fines lasted from April 4 to August 31, 2022.


In the article above we don't just provide how to check taxes Bali vehicles only, but we have also discussed the advantages of tax checks through the website.

This is information about checking Bali vehicle tax via the e-Samsat web, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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