How to Check Banten Vehicle Tax Online – Are you looking for a way to check Banten vehicle tax? If so, you will get information about Banten regional vehicle tax checks in the article we provide below.

Paying personal vehicle taxes such as motorbikes or cars is an obligation that you must fulfill as a good citizen and obedient driver.

Each year, a separate tax is imposed on vehicle owners, whether they own a motorcycle or a car.

The nominal tax burden on a car varies greatly depending on the year and type of vehicle manufactured. As a result, you should always double check how much tax you owe.

How to Check Banten Vehicle Tax Online

Especially in the midst of a pandemic like now paying taxes is an easy thing to do without having to leave the house because there is already an online tax service, especially for the Banten area, which will be examined this time!

Even though paying taxes online, the Provincial Government of Banten firmly offers services that are very safe for the public to access.

How to Check Banten Vehicle Tax Online

Downloading apps from Google PlayStore is a simple and safe way for the general public to access various services.

Banten residents can periodically check the tax status of private vehicles using this application; Instructions are provided below, namely:

Download the App

The first way to check Banten Province online vehicle tax is through the Sambat Banten application or the website mentioned below.

Download the application on the Play Store by connecting to the internet with a data plan. It doesn't take long to download the application, Click here for downloads.

Data Confirmation

After the application is obtained, you need to confirm the data approved for using the online tax application.

After validating the data, you can check the tax data that was charged as quickly as possible. To register an account and check multiple vehicle tax numbers, you can use the same application.

Download the App

Enter NIK and Number Plate

Third, you can check the current tax amount by entering your NIK and vehicle plate number. Be careful when inputting related data, so that the tax to be paid is not in the wrong address.

By using a conventional bank, M-Banking, or other related payment methods, you can then check and pay the relevant tax amount.

So, that's an interesting review of how to check Banten Province online vehicle tax which is very easy to do online.

Now you don't need to hesitate anymore to pay motorbike or car taxes online.

Make sure that the data entered is correct before verifying and paying! Happy paying taxes!


That's an article about how to check vehicle tax Banten area that you can use online. Now, you don't need to hesitate anymore to pay motorbike or car taxes online.

Thus the article regarding this is how to check Banten vehicle tax online that you can access easily, make sure that what you enter is clear and correct before verification and payment, good luck.

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