How to Check DKI Jakarta Taxes Online - For you residents of the DKI Jakarta area, now you can use the DKI Jakarta tax check method online easily, which can save you more time, you know, because you no longer need to visit the Samsat office.

Private vehicles require a vehicle with a normal engine and pay attention to the documentation and taxes associated with it.

To avoid falling behind and failing to pay your vehicle taxes, it is very important that you keep track of all your vehicles, no matter how many wheels they have.

DKI Jakarta Tax Check Through the Samsat Site

Having a private vehicle is the same as always being ready to pay taxes on an ongoing basis at any time because this is an obligation for Indonesian citizens wherever they are.

As for the tax on motor vehicles (two and four wheelers), there are large variations based on the model, year and purchase price of the vehicle.

So, how exactly do you do it? Motor vehicle tax check DKI Jakarta area online? Here's all of it, in case you missed it.

DKI Jakarta Tax Check Through the Samsat Site

To get started, go directly to the Samsat page. On this site, we will obtain information about the amount of tax to be paid and the due date.

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta is currently offering motor vehicle tax services for motorbikes and vehicles, the following are the steps:

  1. Go to the DKI Jakarta Samsat website, or Click here
  2. Fill in the police number and National Identity Number (NIK) in the available columns
  3. Click Search
  4. The results will provide information about the amount of tax to be paid. But remember, this amount does not include late fees, nor does it include progressive taxes.

Download the DKI Jakarta Samsat Application

Enter the DKI Jakarta Samsat Application

The second easier way to check DKI Jakarta province online vehicle tax is to enter the DKI Jakarta Samsat application.

So, for those of you who want to manage or check vehicle taxes in the area, you can easily use the DKI Jakarta Samsat website using your own smartphone.

The process is very basic, make sure your smartphone or device is connected to the internet so that it can connect to the relevant DKI Jakarta Samsat website.

Download the DKI Jakarta Samsat Application

You can enter the application mentioned above to be able to check the facts about the tax price to be paid.

The DKI Jakarta Samsat page has been merged with the central government and is safe to view, so there's no need to worry. You should be able to complete the following steps after visiting the Samsat website.

Enter the Number Plate and NIK

The next online tax check option through the DKI Jakarta Samsat application itself is to input the vehicle number plate and NIK.

Entering an incorrect or inappropriate number will prevent linked data from being processed. Don't worry about the security of your data when you enter it on the Samsat DKI website, because it is guarded with great care.

Enter the DKI Jakarta Samsat Application

Pay Attention to Police Conversion Number and Make Payment

Tax taxes require a copy of the police conversion number to be included so that the money deposited can be traced by the government.

It is possible to make payments in various methods immediately if the payment invoice is valid and a conversion number is provided.

Starting from the E-Samsat application, traditional banking or M-Banking by entering Samsat number 60110.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about taxes, as follows:

How to Check Motor Plates?

The first way to check the vehicle's motorbike license plate and owner is to use SMS, send regular SMS from your smartphone in the METRO (space) format. The police license plate of the vehicle you are going to check. Then send the SMS to number 1717. An example of using SMS to check car number plates in Jakarta is METRO B9876SAM.


This is an article about how to easily and quickly check DKI Jakarta taxes online that you can try at any time.

Even if you are out of town, but you have a vehicle that is in the DKI Jakarta area, you can still check taxes online.

Checking taxes regularly can of course make it easier for you to prepare the amount of tax funds that must be spent each year.

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