How to Check Papua Vehicle Taxes Online – For those of you who want to know how to check Papuan vehicle tax online, you can use the method we provide in the article below, read it to the end.

Method Check vehicle tax online is something that motorized vehicle owners want to know later. Riders no longer need to stand in long queues at the Samsat office, they only need to monitor their cell phones.

If you drive a car, you will most likely be subject to a tax known as “Pajak Motor Vehicles” (abbreviated as PKB). The local government collects taxes through the local Samsat.

Check Papua Vehicle Tax Online

For the owner or driver, this PKB payment is an obligation and if it is not carried out, a fine will be imposed. The fee is 25 percent of the tax base multiplied by the number of months overdue payments.

Late tax payments, along with severe penalties, place a significant financial burden on vehicle owners. Therefore, online vehicle tax checks on sites and applications are quite beneficial for motorists.

Check Papua Vehicle Tax Online

Advances in technology make it easier for everyone to complete their daily tasks, even in Papua Province. There are several applications and websites available for online PKB checking, including:

1. Official website of the Regional Revenue Management Agency (Bappenda) of Papua Province

Owners or riders can check PKB info via Bappenda official website by:

  1. Fill in the police number box or Motor Vehicle Registration Number (NRKB) and select the license plate color
  2. Click "Show Data"
  3. The information needed by the owner or driver will immediately appear on their respective smartphones

Payment of Motorized Vehicle Tax in Papua Province

2. Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes in Papua Province

After successfully searching for information about tax owned motor vehicle, then the owner or driver can pay the tax fee in various ways, including:

  1. Offline through the nearest regional Samsat office
  2. Samsat Corner, there are several scattered Samsat corner kiosks that can be a place for PKB payments
  3. Samsat Payment Point, is a Samsat that offers PKB payment services and ratification of the nearest STNK in the area of the owner or driver
  4. Samsat Box, is a drive thru service for those who wish to pay for PKB and is in front of Sagu Indah Plaza, Jayapura
  5. Through the Bank Papua ATM, by showing the tax payment code that has been obtained from the website or application
  6. The Post Office, by bringing only the original STNK and e-KTP, the people of Papua Province can pay PKB directly at the nearest post office
  7. Mobile Samsat, provided at certain points that serve the community in extending driver's licenses and can also be in PKB payments

Motor vehicle tax services at the present time have been far developed by the Provincial Government of Papua. From checking vehicle tax online to paying for it, there are many alternatives that people can choose from.

Official website of the Regional Revenue Management Agency (Bappenda) of Papua Province


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about taxes, as follows:

Is There a 2022 Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption?

The 2022 motorized tax recovery will last until December 31 2022, the program that can be enjoyed is the second BBNKB exemption and the elimination of fines and interest on motorized vehicle taxes and BBNKB.


That's how to check Papua's vehicle tax online, after reading the article above you don't only know how to check vehicle tax online for Papua province, but also know about the official Bappenda website.

This is an article on how to check Papuan vehicle taxes online, I hope this is useful and helpful for those of you who want to know how to check taxes online.

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