Main Characteristics of Comic Strip, Here's the Explanation! – The following is an explanation of the main characteristics of a comic strip that you may not know what a comic strip is. Comic strip is a type that only consists of several panels in an image. Let's see the article below.

One example of an online platform for reading picture stories is Line Webtoon. This program from Korea has hundreds of illustrated stories that can be picked up and read every day.

There are many comic artists from all over the world who are members of Line Webtoon, such as Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Definition of Comic Strip

Definition of Comic Strip

The strip or cut type is a type that only consists of several panels in an image. It is still possible to outline the full storyline and substance of this graphic story.

Privileges comic The strip is constructed using a slightly inclined chart. There are many examples in magazines and newspapers for children, such as Kompas Daily and Bobo Magazine.

Comic Types

After understanding what comics are and their uniqueness, the following groups can be grouped based on how they are made:

Comic Strips

A comic strip, also known as a cut comic, is a type of comic book in which images are shown in just a few panels. However, the comic strip still reflects the understanding of the material and story as a whole.

Comic strips are easy to find in newspapers or children's publications such as Bobo Magazine or Kompas Daily. Comic strips are created using a limited number of images rather than a large number of images.

This causes this comic style not to express too many thoughts or messages. Comic strips may talk about an event or topic that is being discussed by the public.

Comic Book

One of the most popular types of comics is comics. As the name implies, comics are a kind of comics made in book form. Plus, in one comic book, only one whole story is included.

Comic books are often released as series of books, with a single comic book containing tens to hundreds of series, some of which are still unfinished. There are comics that tell from start to finish, but there are others that only run for a few issues.

Online Comics

Online comics are arguably the most read comics in the digital world today. The Internet has caused a change in the comic environment. Whereas in the past, comics could only be read by buying the comic book.

However, currently, many online comics are spread on the internet that can be read. People are switching from reading comic books to reading internet comics because of their low cost and compact size.

The increasing interest in online comic readers has finally encouraged major comic artists to step in and develop themselves to create online comics. Webtoon Line, for example, emerged as a platform for reading comics online.

Popular among comic reading fans, this webcomic Line is available in multiple languages and is updated daily.

This South Korean comic application contains hundreds of comics every day, and reportedly there are many comic artists from various countries in it, such as South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Comic Genre and Examples

Types of Comic Types

After you know the meaning, characteristics, and classification of comics based on how to draw them, Next, we will analyze the types of comics based on comic genres.

Some of them are non-fiction comics, science fiction comics, superhero comics, and mystery comics. So, here are four categories of comics based on their genre:

Non-Fiction Comics

One of the most popular comic genres so far is the non-fiction comic genre. This type of comic is almost the same as other non-fiction books, it's just that this comic uses pictures to tell a story, not words.

Non-fiction comics also feature stories about life experiences or events in everyday life that originate from true stories. Even so, the nonfiction comic's narrative approach is very different from a comprehensive biography.

Non-fiction comics are richer and easier to remember because they have pictures and words. This makes the story more interesting and allows the reader to understand it better. The Complete Persepolis, Fun Home, Maus: A Survivor's Tale, and so on are examples of comics with non-fiction elements.

Science Fiction Comics

Science fiction genre comics are set in the future or use futuristic technology to create new universes. Time travel, intergalactic exploration, and encounters with extraterrestrial life are common themes in sci-fi comics.

In addition, the subject raised in sci-fi comics is the future of mankind. Concerns for the future most often contain two things, namely about the future of the human world, which is very advanced and developing, or even the future of the human world, which is collapsing and therefore endangered.

There are many well-known and highly regarded works of science fiction available online and elsewhere. Paper Girls, Saga, The Incal, and other sci-fi comics are all good examples.

Superhero Comics

Furthermore, one type of comic that has the biggest sales in the market is a superhero-themed comic. The reason why the superhero genre comics are in great demand by readers is because of their very beautiful graphics.

Superhero comics almost always include a major power or weapon in heroic stories and very sleek artwork. So do not be surprised if many people really like this type of comic.

Most individuals want to be superheroes who defeat evil at all costs. Superhero comic book characters almost always inspire readers to want to be superheroes themselves.

Many superhuman abilities can be found in superhero comics, including the ability to fly, run at the speed of light, and even shoot spider webs.

Comic book stories depict a world where everyone wants to become a superhero, fight crime and save the city.

Plot is the form of plot that is most often used in superhero comics. Superman, Flash, Spider-Man, Batman and many other superheroes are well known and easy to track down in comic book stores.

Mystery Comics

Finally, mystery comics are a well-known genre with a large number of readers. This subgenre of comics almost always manages to attract the attention of readers and arouse your curiosity.

That's because the characters and conversations used in them will keep the reader interested in solving the real problems in the story.

Comic readers in this mystery story will be encouraged to participate in interpreting and trying to solve the mysteries provided in the stories you read.

There are several mystery genre comic titles that are easy to find on the market, for example Blacksad, The Fade Out, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, and many more. Fans of the mystery genre shouldn't miss these three graphic novels.

Examples of Indonesian Comics

The meaning, quality, and type of comics can be inferred from an understanding of your form and genre. Next, we will review examples of comics that have been made in Indonesia.

Some of them are comics about legendary stories such as Si Buta dari Gua Hantu, Mahabarat, or stories about Indonesian superheroes such as Gundala, and so on. So, here are five examples of original Indonesian comics that were quite successful in their time, including:

Comic Genre and Examples

Mahabharata comics

The greatest stories of ancient India are told in the Mahabharata, a comic book. This comic was developed by one of the greatest painters from Indonesia, namely RA Kosasih.

This Mahabharata comic presents a story that pits the Five Pandavas against the Korawas in fighting over the crown of Hastinapura. This comic has succeeded in translating wayang stories into a comic that is very enjoyable for both children and adults to read.

Comic The Blind from the Ghost Cave

Ganeh TH, a well-known Indonesian comic artist, created the Si Buta comic for Gua Hantu. This comic depicts the exploits of an Indonesian warrior who is able to amaze the story with his brave exploits.

In late 1970, the comic The Blind from the Ghost Cave was adapted for the small screen into an action film with the same title.

Comic Benny and Mice

Benny and Mice was originally in the form of a comic strip or comic strip. The name of the comic, Benny & Mice, is the name of the two comic authors, namely Benny Rachmadi and Muhammad “Mice” Misrad.

Kompas Daily Newspaper is a newspaper that publishes Benny and Mice comics every week. The comic Benny and Mice depicts the story of the citizens of Jakarta.

Gundala comic

Gundala Comics is a comic featuring the original Indonesian superhero genre. This comic is one of the works of a comic artist named Hasmi or better known as Harya Suraminata.

Gundala Putra Lightning is the first comic featuring the character Gundala. The Javanese word Gundolo, which means lightning, is the etymology of the name Gundala.

Comic Put On

As a final note, the Kho Wang Gie Put On comic is one of the earliest comics in the history of Indonesian comics. The comic originally printed in the Koran Sin Po in 1931 is a comic produced during the Dutch colonial period.

Every Friday and Saturday, Put On publishes new comics. This comic continues to be written in Malay. This respectable comic falls under the umbrella comic strip or comedy category.

Comic Characteristics

In this school lesson the question “Describe the quality of comics” has the following answer:

  1. Can communicate a story with visuals and text.
  2. Instead of relying on written or vocal stories as in other art forms, including non-fiction and fiction.
  3. Has a proportional nature.
  4. When reading comics, readers may feel like they are experiencing the story first hand.
  5. It's almost as if the reader is caught up in the story and becomes the main character.
  6. Character depiction.
  7. Usually, the description of the characters and their characteristics is given in a straightforward manner so that it is easy for the reader to understand.
  8. Has a sense of humor that is easy to understand.
  9. The humor shown in picture stories is usually to make the story simple to follow and appear light for the reader.
  10. Make use of colloquialisms or industry-specific jargon.
  11. By using this type of writing, the story mentioned will attract the reader's attention more.
  12. Has a heroic nature.
  13. When you read a story with a hero as the main character, you get the same inspiration.

Comic Main Functions

Comics have one goal: To entertain their readers. However, its role is separated into two, namely commercial or educational. For the commercial sector, the aim is to create profits.

As a medium for conveying messages that is a good example or educating the audience, video is included in the educational category.

Departments of health and other non-profit organizations often produce and distribute this kind of material. You need to use this method so that your message can be easily delivered to your audience.

Examples of Indonesian Comics

Examples of Indonesian Comics

After studying the categories, meanings, and functions, what will be discussed next is examples of illustrated stories that have been produced in Indonesia.

Among them are the comic Si Buta dari Gua Hantu by well-known comic artist Ganes TH, the superhero comic Gundala by Harya Suraminata, and the Korona Story by Watiek Ideo which are examples of short Covid-19 comics.

As you can see, Sedulur has a good understanding of the basic concepts and terms related to comics. Due to the many genres represented, these picture stories are suitable for both children and adults. It may be!

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Comics are an image-based art form, rather than relying on written or vocal stories as in other art forms, including non-fiction and fiction.

It has an easy-to-understand sense of humor and uses colloquial language specific to the comics industry.

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