The Smart Indonesia Card has been increased, Get IDR 12 million per semester – Ministry of Teaching and Culture (Ministry of Education and Culture) replace the Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) support program in 2021.

This year's program is very different from 2020. The 2020 KIPK program has a total budget of IDR 1.3 trillion with all teaching costs/student year the same. namely IDR 2.4 million for 200,000 students.

Currently the cost of living per student for all regions in Indonesia is accompanied by up to IDR 700,000 / month. However, Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim explained that this year's budget was different.

"We will add the entire KIPK budget to 2.5 trillion rupiah in 2021. The number of students admitted is still 200,000.

However, we distribute higher unit fees, depending on the legalization of the study program in which the student is admitted." said Nadiem, taken from the website. The Minister of Education and Culture opened an acknowledgment of changing the KIP basis regarding tuition fees, saying that the aim of KIP lecture delivery was social mobilization.

“This is about moving underprivileged students to dream big. In reality, some children from underprivileged families who excel are not financially optimistic about going to college," said the Minister of Education and Culture. In 2021, the average teaching fee will no longer be IDR 2.4 million per semester.

This year students with A legalization amount to Rp. 8 million (optimal limit is Rp. 12 million). For study programs with legalized B Rp. 4 million and study programs with legalized C Rp. 2.4 million, the cost of living for living expenses per student is divided into 5 regional clusters such as a price index based on the National Index. Socioeconomic Survey (Susenas 2019).

Last year all students got a portion of Rp. 700,000 / month, so there is no significant difference between areas with expensive and cheap facilities. The amount of monthly living expenses, including the following:

1. Cluster 1 IDR 800,000

2. Cluster 2 IDR 950,000

3. Cluster 3 IDR 1.1 million

4. Cluster 4 IDR 1.2 million

5. Cluster 5 IDR 1.4 million

"Think of how excited our children were when they found out that they had the passion to achieve. It is not impossible for them to study at the best private and state universities in Indonesia. Even though the fee is expensive, they can use KIP College, "said the Minister of Education and Culture.

Commissioner X DPR RI Muhammad Yusuf Effendy praised the 2021 KIPK program presented by the Minister of Education and Culture. "Studying Indonesia Smart Card seems to be more supported and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture which has a good program," said Muhammad Yusuf Effendy.

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