The last day for how to register for an LTMPT account for the 2021 UTBK SBMPTN route – For students who graduate in 2019, 2020 and 2021 and will take part in the 2021 UTBK SBMPTN, they need to prepare well.

Before registering for the 2021 SBMPTN, of course, you must have an LTMPT (Higher Education Entrance Test Institute) account. If you don't have one yet, you must first register an LTMPT account.

Hurry up and register for an LTMPT account while there's still time. This is because account registration will close on March 12, 2021 at 15.00 WIB this afternoon.
The following is a letter from the LTMPT Instagram administrator:

Remember, UTBK-SBMPTN registration requires an LTMPT account that has been stored permanently.

Use a laptop or computing device to avoid data entry errors during registration.

Get official SNMPTN & UTBK-SBMPTN information only through our social media @ltmptofficial or visit the page.

To start the LTMPT page: To register a LTMPT account:

How to register an account LTMPT

1. The first student opens the page then selects the "Register here" link.

2. Select a list from the student menu, enter NISN, NPSN and date of birth and press
3. Enter the active email address and desired password.

4. After entering your email address and password, click the Register button.

5. After pressing the registration button, an account activation notification will appear.

6. Activation and verification via email from LTMPT via registered mail. To do this, go to your inbox/spam email.

7. After the account is active, you can login to the LTMPT portal page with the previously registered email address and password.

8. You will be redirected to the LTMPT portal dashboard. Select the Verification and Validation School or Student Data (VERVAL) menu.

9. Carefully review personal information on the Student Information Review page. Fill in the NIK, religion, address, telephone number fields. If there is a data error, make changes at your school. Then click the "Update data" button.

10. Once you have finished, click the “Next” button to go to the school history overview page.

11. Check data validity. If there is an error, you can make corrections at school and then click the “Refresh Data” button.

12. When finished, click the Next button to upload the latest photo according to the conditions listed.
13. After uploading the photo, double check your details on the data confirmation page.

14. Make sure the information you enter is correct. If you are sure, review the instructions and press “Save Permanently”.

15. Once the data is stored permanently, you can no longer change it.

16. Download the permanent proof and store it in a safe place. Don't lose it.

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