How to Upload LTMPT SNMPT 2021 Photos & How to Reduce Photos to 300 KB

How to Upload LTMPT SNMPT 2021 Photos & How to Reduce Photos to 300 KB – Pas photo 4 × 6 is one of the requirements in the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) register account for several prospective students participating in the 2021 State University National Entrance Selection (SNMPTN).

Before uploading photos, students are advised to pay attention to the photo requirements used to register for an LTMPT account.

Following are the passport photo requirements for registering an LTMPT 2021 account:

  1. Photograph size 4 cm x 6 cm with a minimum resolution of 200px x 300px (approximately 250 asl) and an aspect ratio of 2:3;
  2. The passport photo must be in color with a plain background of any color;
  3. Photograph file type JPG/JPEG/PNG;
  4. The maximum size of the passport file is 300 KB;
  5. The orientation of the passport is vertical/portrait;
  6. The position of the body and head upright parallel to the camera;
  7. The quality of the photos must be sharp and in focus;
  8. No part of the head is mutilated and the face must not be covered with ornaments;
  9. The head is centered horizontally (the distance from the head to the left border is approximately the same as the distance from the head to the right border).

If you already have the required photos but are constrained by too large a file size, here's how to reduce the LTMPT photo size to 300 KB.

You can reduce the size of this LTMPT photo online via Here's how to reduce the size of the photo:

  1. Open the Pixlr Express website which is located at;
  2. For information, Pixlr Express requires flash access in the browser. Allow that access if a notification appears. Then, right-click the mouse to activate;
  3. After the Pixlr Express website opens, click the Browse menu which is located on the far left in the box provided;
  4. Then, select the photo file you want to reduce;
  5. Next, click the Save menu located in the upper left corner;
  6. Next, slide the bar to the left in the Quality menu with a size of 300 Kb according to the LTMPT photo rules. If you have clicked Save
  7. Next, the option appears save in the computer folder and name the document. Click Save to download and save;
  8. Done.

After the photo is ready, you can register for an LTMPT account at by following the steps below:

  1. Open the site;
  2. Select the Register link here;
  3. Select the Student menu;
  4. Enter the requested data such as NISN, NPSN, and date of birth. If so, press the Next button;
  5. Enter active email and password. After that, click Register;
  6. Later a notification page will appear that the registration has been successfully carried out as well as a notification for account activation;
  7. To activate, please enter/login to the registered email address;
  8. Check your inbox/inbox and open the email from LTMPT;
  9. Perform activation by clicking on the link provided;
  10. A notification page will appear later that the LTMPT account activation has been successful.

Furthermore, after registering, you are encouraged to verify your data at Here are the steps:

  1. Login to the page with the previously registered email and password;
  2. Select the School or Student Data Verification and Validation menu (VERVAL);
  3. Check the data, then fill in the NIK, religion, address, telephone number, and fields that are still empty. After that, press the Next button;
  4. On the school history verification page, check the data carefully (if there is an error, make corrections through the school). After that, press the Next button;
  5. Upload a recent passport photo in accordance with the provisions of the LTMPT;
  6. Proceed to the Photo adjustments page until Confirm data;
  7. Check the data, then check the statement and press the button Permanently save.

LTMPT account registration has been opened from 4 January – 1 February 2021 via Students who wish to take part in SNMPTN 2021 are required to register an account.

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