Announcement of School Quotas for SNMPTN 2022 at – School quotas for SNMPTN will be announced today, Tuesday, 28/12/2021, according to the 2022 SNMPTN calendar. SNMPTN 2022 school quotas can be seen on the website

Through the official Instagram account, @ltmptofficial, school quota announcements can be seen starting today at 15.00 WIB.

"School Quotas to be Announced According to Accreditation and Number of Students can be seen directly through the website, how do you do that? Okay, let's see our last post. wrote @ltmptofficial in the upload description.

How to View School Quota Announcements for SNMPTN

The following is the announcement of the 2022 SNMPTN school quota announcement.

  1. Open the website or click here.
  2. Select 'SNMPTN 2022' from the menu bar.
  3. Select 'School Quota' from the sub-menu that appears.
  4. School search is possible by 'Location' and 'NPSN'.

How to View School Quota Announcements for SNMPTN

School Entrance Quota Requirements for SNMPTN

According to, the following are the prerequisites for the 2022 school SNMPTN:

  • SMA/MA/SMK that have NPSN.
  • Accreditation Requirements: Accreditation A: 40% outstanding students in their schools
    B accreditation: the top ranking of the school
    Some of the top 5 percent of schools have earned C accreditation.
  • Completing the school and student database (PDSS). According to the provisions, only data that has been filled in by students is considered.

Prerequisites for 2022 SNMPTN Participants

Outstanding students will be achieved by graduates of class 12 in 2022 from SMA/MA/SMK.

  • Have a high school diploma or GED and have good academic achievements, as assessed by each PTN
  • Have NISN and PDSS registration
  • Have a transcript of grades from the first semester to the second semester. 5 forms have been filled through PDSS.
  • Participants who choose arts and sports study programs are asked to upload a portfolio

Consider Your Alternatives to Programs

  1. Each student can study up to two courses from one PTN or from several PTNs.
  2. A PTN is required in the same province as the original SMA/MA/SMK if you choose two study options.
  3. If you decide on only one study program, you have the option to choose a PTN in whichever province you prefer.

It is better not to mix business and personal interests (depending on the provisions of the PTN in question)

Registration for SNMPTN 2022

  1. Announcement of quotas, for schools according to accreditation and number of students.
  2. Set up an LTMPT account for your school's own use. An LTMPT account is required for schools that do not yet have one (schools must register first).
  3. Students must register for an LTMPT account.
  4. Checking the data, LTMPT revealed the number of students who passed registering for SNMPTN based on school or university accreditation.
  5. Schools select potential participants, based on LTMPT data from the number of students and accreditation at Dapodik-PUSDATIN Kemdikbud or EMIS-Pendis MoRA.
  6. Fill in the PDSS
  7. SNMPTN registration
  8. Choice of PTN and Study Program: Participants may choose a maximum of two PTNs to be considered.
  9. Upload your portfolio here.
  10. Simplified network management protocol selection
  11. Announcement from SNMPTN
  12. re-registration

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