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The Illuvium team created ILV tokens as a way to reward players in their native open world RPG adventure game. The Ethereum Blockchain is a distributed ledger.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence, and each is distinguished by its current value. The cryptocurrency pool is so large that it can hold millions of coins, and there will be plenty of room for new coins in the future.

What Is the Illuvium Cryptocurrency, and How Does It Work?

Illuvium is an open world fantasy fighting game built solely on the Ethereum network. It is often considered to be Ethereum's first true AAA game. The world of Illuvium is a beautiful and mysterious world inhabited by creatures known as Illuvials.

Illuvials goes beyond crypto cats, one of the earliest and most well-known examples of token mismatch from an aesthetic point of view. These illusions are created as high-resolution 3D artwork by some of space's most talented artists.

What Is Cryptocurrency Illuvium, and How Does It Work_

Players can catch Illuvials by defeating them in battle and then recovering their health while exploring the massive geography of Illuvium. Illuvials will become loyal followers of the player and can be used in battle or other adventures.

Several Illuvials, including Archeolon below, have been highlighted on the Illuvium blog. Every Illuvial is also an NFT, and all of them are in short supply.

Unlike other blockchain games, Illuvium allows players to spend their time exploring terrain made up of seven distinct and stylized areas, form a powerful team of Illuvials, or a mix of the two.

Additionally, players can earn Ethereum by exchanging their Illivuials for Illuvium. Iluvium has been in development since 2020, and was created by over 40 industry veterans with considerable experience in games and cryptocurrencies.

Illuvium is backed by some of the industry's biggest brands, including Quantstamp, Moonwhale, Exchange and others.

What are ILV Tokens?

Illivium's game money is ILV. ILV is used to reward players for their achievements in the game, to give players the ability to share vaults, and to control DAO Illuvium. Flash Pools, In-Game Rewards, Liquidity Pools, Treasure, Team, Launchpad Seed and Pre-seed Capital all have a maximum ILV supply of 10 million.

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