The Easy Way to Predict Crypto Coin Prices – Here how to predict crypto coin price to know the position of the red or green market, if the market position is red investors will be worried about the price of crypto coins, which fluctuate and cannot be predicted with certainty.

Many people get stuck with exorbitant prices when buying crypto coins in the hope that their predicted price increase will come true, but predictions can certainly go wrong.

However, there is one reference that you can use to predict the price of crypto coins, namely coinmarketcap, a site widely known by crypto gamers.

Price prediction is one of the newest services from coinmarketcap which has just been launched and is still under development. Any user can provide price predictions for selected coins using Coinmarketcap's “Estimated Price” feature.

Crypto Coin Price Prediction Feature on Coinmarketcap

Crypto Coin Price Prediction Feature on Coinmarketcap

This feature displays predictions for crypto coin prices and analyzes the probability of each prediction submitted by the user. You can also check how many people have submitted price predictions from the price predictions view. Lastly, these predictions are based on user feedback, which you can use as a reference when buying or selling crypto coins.

Coinmarketcap's crypto coin price prediction feature is monthly rather than daily, which means you can't use it for everyday crypto trading.

To get crypto coin price predictions, you must first create an account on the coinmarketcap website; then, in the search field, you can open or search for the coins you want.

After the presentation of your selected coin, a menu bar entitled Price Estimate will appear. In order to see cryptocurrency price predictions in Price Forecast, you must first contribute a price prediction so that you can see all user predictions.


Coinmarketcap's Price Forecast feature allows users to estimate the price of crypto coins. Estimated prices are monthly, not daily, so you can't use them for day-to-day trading. The site analyzes the likelihood of each prediction submitted by the user and looks at user feedback.

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