DisCas Crypto Coin Made by Young Indonesians

Rancakmedia.com – DisCas coin is crypto made by young Indonesians. DisCas coin, abbreviated as DISC, was launched for the first time on April 16, 2021, through the DxSale platform, which has a large presence in the European and American markets.

Many have recently developed an increasing interest in digital currencies, or cryptocurrencies. Some see this cutting-edge digital money technology as a viable long-term investment vehicle. If foreigners have the digital currency Bitcoin, young Indonesians don't want to be left behind.

This currency was invented by the country's children as part of a social media project with the aim of solving critical social problems such as hoaxes, fake news, misinformation, disinformation, and lack of government openness.

Although this project is considered very ambitious by some, it has received wide support from the community crypto and famous YouTubers from many countries.

According to chart history, when it was launched on April 16 2021, the price was still USD 0.86 (Rp 12,400), but had increased 44 times in less than 20 days to USD 38 (Rp 551,000). cryIn this regard, the DisCas Vision (Early Investor) Telegram group already has a sizable community of supporters from countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, and Russia, among others. DisCas Coin Crypto

In addition, many well-known crypto influencers from various countries have evaluated Vision DisCas, including Crypto Pablo, Alien Crypto, Crypto Zeus, Crypto Hikmet, Rare Coin, Czerwony Tygrys, Juli Cold, Blaneoh, and Cryptozin.

Even after being listed on CoinMarketCap, a sign that the coin is a viable cryptocurrency to develop, the DisCas platform is currently being built in India and is slated to launch in beta in July 2021.

"We plan to list the DisCas coin on a number of domestic and international exchanges, including the Chinese market, please pray for us," said Deni Agus, Founder of DisCas Vision, Monday (10/5/2021). According to him, DisCas coin now has a market valuation of USD 1 million, which is still too low for a cryptocurrency.

However, that's what turns it into a fantastic opportunity for everyone who buys it early. “With a circulating supply of only 67,600 coins, it makes sense that the price will rapidly increase to thousands of dollars in the next few months,” he continued.

As digital currency performance continues to improve, the number of new investors in crypto assets is growing. This is because the profits of new investors increase. As a result, Deni Agus and a group of friends designed the DisCas coin.

He also said that, according to statistics from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Bappeti), the total number of crypto asset investors exceeded 5,000,000 at the end of April.

1. DisCas Coin, the currency created by the country

Deni Agus, Founder of DisCas Vision, highlighted that DisCas coin is a currency generated by the nation's children through social media initiatives. The aim is to address critical social issues such as hoaxes, fake news, misinformation and lack of open government.

“While some may find this project very ambitious, it has received a lot of support from the crypto community and well-known YouTubers from other countries,” he said.

"According to chart history, when it was launched on April 16, 2021, the price was still USD 0.86 or IDR 12,400 and had reached a peak of USD 38 or IDR 551,000, or 44 times in less than 20 days," he noted.

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