Ways to Make Money from Crypto Apart from Trading

Rancakmedia.com – In today's crypto market, individuals are more knowledgeable and carry out trading activities besides investing and below are ways to make money from crypto besides trading.

To your knowledge, Trading is the activity of buying and selling crypto assets in order to profit from significant price volatility in the short term.

How to Make Money from Crypto Apart from Trading

However, as you know, we may still be able to profit from non-trading activity at this time. Of course, with a much smaller risk profile and capabilities that can be done together with investment. Making Money from Crypto Besides Trading


Staking is the simplest and safest method to Make Money on Crypto Apart from Trading. Staking is the act of locking up assets to help with network validation, which returns you with the same cryptocurrency assets you locked up.

Staking, in a nutshell, is similar to depositing. So, all you need to do is hold your cash for a set period of time (which cannot be withdrawn before the set time period expires) and then enjoy the interest/bonus associated with that activity.

Each crypto asset will get a different proportion. And you can perform these activities easily and safely on the Zipmex exchange, thanks to the exchange's best feature, ZipLock.

ZipLock is a staking feature of Zipmex. There are several assets available for staking, which will allow you to make money while you wait for the value of your investment to go up.

ZipLock now supports the following assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, USDC and ZMT. ZipLock secures your assets for 45 days. You will earn daily interest up to 14% on ZMT and 11% on US Stablecoins.

Yield Farming

Basically, yield farming is a form of staking. The payout, however, is in the form of a different crypto asset than the locked one. Yield farming yields can be considered as a source of liquidity for new projects that will be listed on exchanges that offer this feature.

You can also engage in produce farming on the Zipmex exchange with their feature, ZLaunch.

This feature will allow you to discover possible projects that will offer you their crypto assets for free in exchange for locking them into liquidity.

Yieldly is a token project that is now accessible on ZLaunch (YLDY). You can get it simply by securing the ZMT asset (Zipmex native token). ZLaunch lock duration is more flexible than ZipLock, as you don't have to wait up to 45 days. You have the ability to lock and unlock it at any time.

Saving Crypto

Yes, just like any other asset, crypto is defensible. This is basically the same as investing most of your money. Dollar Cost Averaging is one method that can be used to save (DCA).

You can set aside a certain percentage of your monthly income to invest in crypto assets using the DCA method. Zipmex offers an innovative feature called ZipUp which allows you to store your crypto assets.

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