5 Ways to Trade Crypto Bitcoin Assets for Beginners

Rancakmedia.com – Investment trends and how to trade Crypto assets continue to grow today. Even pioneers Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, managed to record its biggest record with a value of IDR 483.54 million on Sunday (3/1).

The pattern of good successive gains in Bitcoin at the start of this year is a testament to the increasing public confidence in Crypto assets as a viable investment option, especially during this epidemic. This time is also an opportunity for the general public who want to start investing in Crypto asset trading without worrying too much.

Indonesia itself has controlled the regulation of buying and selling of Crypto assets through the rules set by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti). This is to ensure that this growing Crypto asset is legally recognized and can be exchanged through several official authorized media exchanges.

What Are Crypto Assets?

Crypto assets are digital currencies that are used for virtual transactions on the internet network. A very difficult secret password helps to protect and keep this digital money safe. Also known as "Cryptocurrency", this term comes from a combination of two words, namely "cryptography" which means hidden code, and "currency" which means currency.

However, as in Indonesia it is not permitted to trade according to government law, therefore it is better recognized as a Crypto asset than a Crypto currency.

Unlike traditional currencies, which are centralized, digital cryptocurrencies are decentralized. No party is present and acts as an intermediary in a transaction. Payments using digital money take place from the sender to the recipient (peer-to-peer) (peer-to-peer).

However, all transactions made are still recorded and tracked through the Crypto asset network system. Uniquely, there are Crypto asset miners who record these transactions and receive payments in the form of Crypto assets that can be utilized.

How to Trade Crypto Assets

Although it has been created since the 1990s, it is only in the last 10 years that Crypto assets have been recognized by the population worldwide. Several types of Crypto Assets that are often used include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and others. There are currently more than 1,000 Crypto Assets flowing worldwide, and there will be more in the future.

How to Trade Crypto Currency Assets

In Indonesia, Crypto assets are definitely a new investment tool. So that thorough education is still needed for the Indonesian market about safe and reliable Crypto asset trading. Here are some aspects that aspiring traders need to understand before starting to invest in Crypto assets, including:

1. Choose an exchange to exchange Crypto assets

When choosing to invest in Crypto assets, choosing a medium exchange to carry out transactions is very important to ensure the security of investment assets. For those who are still beginners, make sure the exchange you choose is legal and properly registered with Bappebti.

Currently there are 13 companies or entities that have received registration certificates from CoFTRA as traders of Crypto assets, namely PT Crypto Indonesia Berkat (Tokocrypto), PT Upbit Exchange Indonesia (Upbit), PT Tiga Inti Utama (Triv), PT Indodax Nasional Indonesia (Indodax). ), PT Pintu Kemana Saja (Door), PT Zipmex Exchange Indonesia (Zipmex), PT Bursa Cripto Prima, PT Luno Indonesia Ltd (Luno), PT Akuku Dotcom Indonesia (Account), PT Indonesia Digital Exchange (Digital Exchange) , PT Cipta Digital Coin (Koinku), PT Trinity Investama Blessing (Bitocto), and PT Plutonext Digital Asset.

2. Fundamental Analysis, Learn Interesting Types of Crypto Assets

Before starting to invest, traders need to understand the types of cryptocurrencies circulating in the market. Bitcoin (BTC) is definitely the favourite. But there are also popular ones such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Binance (BNB), Cardano (ADA), and others.

By knowing the type of coin, potential traders can verify its availability on flower exchanges. For example Tokocrypto offers 34 types of coins, Indodax has 110 types of coins, Pintu has 15 coins, Luno has 5 coins, and Zipmex provides 15 coins.

However, traders must be careful in choosing coins in this investment, because many types are not yet popular and price fluctuations are very aggressive. Including DOGE which has recently become popular due to Elon Musk's tweets.

For investors and traders, this phase is more often referred to as fundamental analysis. It is a measurement technique used to determine the intrinsic value of an asset. By examining various internal and external variables, the main objective is to evaluate whether an asset or a company is overpriced or underpriced. Then that knowledge can be strategically leveraged to enter or exit positions.

Well, fundamental analysis when trading Crypto assets is an activity to analyze economic, financial and other variables that are believed to affect value. This is done in order to understand the true value of an asset or security.

The easiest method to assess Crypto assets is to visit their website for different relevant facts. Then read the whitepaper or litepaper for more comprehensive information on the initiatives undertaken and future development plans. It is also necessary to examine who the founders are and their communities on social media.

3. Get to know candlestick charts for technical analysis Trading Crypto assets

After fundamental analysis, the next important thing is to learn technical analysis. Traders use technical indicators to gain more insight into the price movement of an asset.

Having no authority or control from any other organization, Crypto asset prices like Bitcoin really depends on its users, both buyers and sellers. So thorough and precise technical analysis is essential to profit from Trading Crypto assets.

Technical analysis helps gather some helpful clues in predicting the future value of Cryptocurrencies. Also in making the right choice for profit.

These indicators make it easy to detect trends and spot buy or sell signals in the current market situation. There are many types of indicators used by day traders, swing traders and sometimes long term investors as well.

In general, technical analysis is a method of forecasting price changes based on chart readings. Well, the charts themselves are different where the most common is the candlestick because it looks like a candle and is the easiest to learn for novice users.

Candlestick is a kind of chart that is often used by traders or investors to read price movements. This image is highly appreciated because it is easy to understand and has beautiful colors. Candlesticks record price changes over time by drawing a wick box like a candlestick.

Candlestick charts depict the development and fluctuations in the price of an asset as candle formations occur over a certain period of time. Each candle represents a price change over a period. There are special markings for the initial price of the period, especially for the opening, maximum, low and closing prices. The green candle shows the price moving up and the red candle shows the price going down.

4. Complete Crypto Asset Trading Features on the Exchange

Every exchange must have good trading facilities provided to traders to help their trading operations. However, there are several important and useful tools for traders such as the price chart function to perform analysis.

Then there is a cut loss function that can help traders limit losses at a certain price, as well as a short selling option to guarantee traders continue to make profits even when the price of their Crypto asset drops. Make sure that the exchange chosen by the trader can fulfill the requirements of this function.

5. Applied Security Technology

The last thing that is important for traders to pay attention to is the use of technology to guarantee the security of transactions on the chosen exchange. The majority of exchanges in Indonesia have implemented security standards such as Two Factor Authenticator (2FA) and confirmation via email and SMS.

However, traders may have more confidence in the safety of exchanges through websites that record global exchange security checks such as coinecko or live cer.

Tokocrypto, for example, receives Binance Cloud technology support which is proven as one of the rated exchanges (9.35), providing guaranteed layers of security if traders make transactions.

Then Zipmex collaborated with BitGo to offer digital wallet security with insurance protection of up to 100 million US dollars. Meanwhile, Pintu uses curv.co technology to ensure the security of Crypto assets with maximum protection.

In addition, by having an exchange registered with BAPPEBTI, it is very likely that they also have ISO 27001 Information Security System certification and have also been registered with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.


Here are the questions and answers that we have provided in the article below.

Crypto Including Trading What?

Meanwhile, crypto trading is a transaction activity using crypto assets. Such as exchanging crypto assets with other crypto assets, selling or buying crypto assets with the aim of making a profit.

Crypto Open What Time?

In the crypto market, there is no specific trading time, because traders can trade 24 hours a day.

What Are the Risks of Crypto Trading?

The risk of cryptocurrency is relatively large because the exchange medium only uses cryptography. This means that there is no guarantee of assets from the investment invested. 2. The fluctuation in the price of digital money is also very high. So that it becomes a trade transaction that is classified as very speculative.


Crypto assets are digital currencies used for virtual transactions on the internet. Cryptocurrency is also known as "Cryptocurrency", this term comes from a combination of two words, namely "cryptography" and "currency". There are currently more than 1,000 Crypto Assets flowing worldwide, and there will be more in the future.

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