Application for Bitcoin Mining for Android – Interested in Bitcoin mining? Currently there are various free Bitcoin mining applications from Android that you might be able to use, you know.

Although this application can only create small amounts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin chips in general, as reported by Seputar Forex,

As a result of the mining system's proof of work, the most powerful miners earn the most coins. The biggest reason for this is that the current number of Bitcoin block mining is still far behind the most powerful computing capabilities of modern smartphones.

But at least you can earn Bitcoins whenever and wherever you want thanks to Android mining software.

Selain itu, masyarakat umum lebih tertarik dengan keberadaan Bitcoin. Buktinya ada di infografis berikut. Semakin bersemangat untuk menambang? Berikut adalah pilihan Glints untuk lima application terbaik!

Free Bitcoin Mining App for Android

The following is a list of applications for bitcoin mining.


MinerGate was formerly the leading Bitcoin mining site used on PC. However, now MinerGate can be accessed as an application so users can mine from Android.

Launched in 2014, this program is the first mining pool that allows users to mine other cryptocurrencies without affecting the hash rate of major currencies.

How to use MinerGate is quite easy. You will be presented with two options after logging in for the first time. Mobile mining and cloud mining are two available methods.

Mobile mining requires the use of smartphone chips to perform mining operations. Meanwhile, you can pay a certain amount to the MinerGate server and offload processing there.

Apart from that, you can also increase and decrease the number of chains (number of processing cores for Bitcoin mining) (number of processor cores for Bitcoin mining).

There is also a function that allows mining to pause while the smartphone is charging or the battery is low. The better the specifications of your smartphone, the more likely you are to win Bitcoins.


For those looking for a simple and direct approach to mining cryptocurrencies, the CryptoTab software is a good choice, according to Benzinga.

This Bitcoin mining application from Android allows you to carry out mining tasks while surfing.

So, while you are mining cryptocurrency money, you can multitask by watching movies or reading news. The longer you use this browser, the more crypto money you can earn.

In fact, you can use this program in the background to maintain mining operations. It can't be that hard, right? However, the amount of Bitcoin you get is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, which is called a Satoshi.

AA Miner

Most of the Bitcoin mining apps from Android have a lot of ads in them. If you are one of those people who are really annoyed by this, you can use AA Miner.

This app doesn't have a lot of ads or in-app purchases. AA Miner is free to download and allows users to mine Bitcoins.

Apart from that, there is the CryptoNight mining method and more than 50 other types of cryptocurrencies. It is interesting to note that the number of chains can be determined. The number of mining processing cores is referred to as the “chain”.

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