How to Trade Cryptocurrency Stock SOS – Cryptocurrency is booming again, making crypto mining investments such as trading Cryptocurrency Stock SOS look more tempting.

This area is once again on fire, as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) recently hit all-time highs.

However, SOS stock is one that has drastically underperformed its competitors in recent times. Recently, the company has been under pressure from investors for a massive stock offering.

SOS, a Chinese crypto miner, has a lot to lose from China's regulatory crackdown and outright ban. As such, it is a stock that is under pressure.

Yes, the company's portfolio does include other companies. SOS does not require pure crypto miners. This portion, on the other hand, is very attractive to investors. It is also a company that believes in the innovation that blockchain provides.

The company reported year-over-year sales growth of 1,700 percent in its September report. Small cap stocks like this are one of the reasons investors seek high returns on their shares.

That said, I'm negative on this stock right now considering all the difficulties the company is facing. See if the company is able to overcome these obstacles and emerge victorious. (See TipRanks' stock chart for SOS.)

SOS Cryptocurrency Stock Huge Capital Increase

SOS Cryptocurrency Stock Huge Capital Increase

For those who missed the news, SOS recently announced that the company has offered a large number of private placement issues to interested investors.

This $90 million offer will provide extra growth capital for these crypto miners. The good news, it seems, isn't all that far-fetched.

This issuance was carried out with an 18 percent discount from the closing price last Tuesday. That's a pretty big savings. Over time, in the middle of the week, investors pushed SOS's share price down 30%, while other crypto mining rivals witnessed huge increases in value.

The price of SOS has been trending down for some time, and this move only serves to strengthen that trend. From a technology standpoint, there isn't much to admire about this company.

It is true that SOS has seen some tremendous growth in the past. Many investors, on the other hand, are worried about the Chinese government's crackdown on crypto mining and the associated costs of moving company mining operations outside of China.

Lack of Focus Remains a Major Problem

The management team's lack of strategic direction is also a source of concern for many investors in this stock. This is a company that has changed forms over the years, changed names and the whole business concept many times.

While SOS appears to have calmed down and confirmed its identification as a crypto miner, the company in China is currently very high risk. Having said that, there isn't much to like about the path this company is on, compared to other crypto miners based in the US or Europe.

OpenDAO Distribution For SOS Airdrop Crypto Tokens

OpenDAO distributing SOS airdrop crypto tokens, this thing, the token airdrop sparked a frenzy that reverberated across the industry.

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