Shiba Inu Price Prediction 2022 Still Lots of Speculation – The following is the prediction of the shiba inu price for 2022, currently there is still much speculation but limited adoption and current shiba inu prices.

Several reasons, mostly external, have contributed greatly to the huge jump in Shiba Inu prices.

Elon Musk's tweet saying he's changing his endorsement from dogecoin to Shiba Inu is likely the most important in the meme coin price explosion.

In addition, the campaign to include meme coins on the Robinhood platform has also greatly contributed to the huge price spike.

Third, the meme coin releases non-exchangeable tokens called Shiboshi. What's more, listing on various crypto exchanges has increased its exposure.

The confluence of these causes caused the value of SHIB to soar over 500.0000000 percent to eventually overtake dogecoin and become the reigning meme coin, at least for one day.

Currently Shiba Inu is sold for IDR 0.547732. At the time of writing, with a 24-hour trading volume of IDR 31,941,402,7717,759. Shiba It was up 13.11 percent in the previous 24 hours.

Current Coin Market Cap rating is #13

With an instant market capitalization of IDR 300,739,787,940,543. It has an amazing supply of 549,063,278,876,302 Shiba Inu coins and max. supply not available.

The Shiba Inu has fallen 58 percent from its all-time high, but could this be a buying opportunity?

A large part of the Shiba Inu's dilemma is that too few companies accept them as payment.

Current Coin Market Cap rating is #13

Only 388 retailers, mostly unknown, find tokens useful for payments for international products and services.

This lack of support is not unexpected given the shift in Shiba Inu prices, as it can be very difficult for companies to manage cash flow and profitability when token values may fluctuate substantially from day to day.

Good News About Shiba Inu Price Predictions

But here is the good news. Shiba Inu digital tokens have put together an unusual network of initiatives.

The collectible multiplayer card game was commissioned by Shiba Inu to Australian video game developer Playside in December.

Apart from game development, production of level 2 of the Shibarium blockchain is in progress. Additionally, Shibarium will host the Oshiverse metaverse and other ambitious initiatives.

Tech e-retailers Newegg and AMC Entertainment have emerged as the first merchants to accept SHIB payments.

Flexa recently announced that they have included Shib as an approved payment token that will allow customers to pay at Lowe's, Gamestop, and Whole Foods.

It also cooperates with the Bitpay crypto payment integration platform. What's more, Bitsmap aims to list Shib in December.

For that reason, normal consumers have no reason to acquire or keep Shiba Inu except for the idea that someone will come along and pay more for their tokens which is known as speculation.

This is disappointing for optimistic investors, as mass adoption is key to continuing price growth.

Previous bull runs have made many Shiba Inu holders millionaires. Launching the project shown above can increase the coin value of the meme.

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