Crypto Verge XVG Price Predictions End of the Year – This crypto verge XVG 2021 price prediction article is based on technical analysis only. Below you can find the essential steps we have taken into account to generate our XVG price analysis and predictions.

At the start of the year, the crypto market was taken by surprise by Verge (XVG). Interestingly, XVG has managed to achieve a growth rate of over +360 percent in the last 12 months.

As a result, XVG is currently one of the most talked about virtual assets in the crypto industry. With all these successes, we can say that XVG is a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential.

There are many cryptos fueling this 2021 bull run. Some cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, have decreased in value.

Therefore, many cryptocurrency traders and investors are confused whether it is time to wait for a decent price or to sell their digital assets. This can be the same scenario for some XVG traders and investors.

Moreover, the crypto market has stabilized recently, and most cryptocurrencies have lost their previous gains. Is the scenario with XVG pricing the same? We'll find out in this XVG 2021 price analysis post soon. But first, let's see what XVG is.

Crypto Verge XVG Price Market Status

XVG is one of the most aggressive virtual assets on the crypto market today. in fact, crypto was able to record a significant growth rate of more than +360 percent in the past year.

Crypto Verge XVG Price Market Status

For this reason, XVG has become one of the most talked about digital assets on the crypto market.

Crypto Verge XVG Price Analysis

Recently, XVG held 136th place on CoinGecko. But could the current upgrades and changes in the blockchain allow the bitcoin price to go even higher? Let's go to the charts in this XVG price prediction post.

In the above chart, which is placed in the daily time period, we can observe the Descending Triangle pattern. This is an important indication as XVG has been showing bearish throughout the last month. This suggests a bearish turn for XVG given the falling triangle pattern.

In the near term, we can say that XVG has a better probability of being bearish than bullish. This chart shows that XVG started the month on a bullish trend, as can be seen from the price action.

This was a result of the huge trading volume that occurred during that period. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 64.62, which implies that XVG is in an overbought situation.

However, this can lead to a price reversal at times. Therefore, crypto traders must trade wisely and must not be swayed by the euphoria of the market.

With this in mind, traders should be careful to prevent sudden losses due to the unpredictable fluctuations of the crypto market. Let's also take a look at Verge's Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Simple Moving Average (SMA).

Crypto Verge XVG Price Prediction 2021

As shown below in this XVG price projection chart, in a short period of time, XVG has shown a bullish bullish trend.

The Verge price prediction above reveals that XVG is exhibiting a consolidation pattern. In an ideal case, this could even push XVG price into bullish positions.

What's more, in the short to medium term scenario for our XVG 2021 price prediction, XVG needs to break the Fib retracement level of $0.068. To achieve this, it will need to build stronger support at the Fib level at $0.0558. If not, the bears may win and pull the Verge into their area.

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