API3 Receives Bullish Rating, Is The Risk Bigger

Rancakmedia.com – A unique scoring algorithm assesses how much money it took to shift prices over the last 24 hours. API3 received a low risk bullish rating from the Investors Observer study.

Statistics look at recent changes in volume and market cap to estimate how much the token could be affected by restricted trading. Scores run from 0 to 100, with low scores reflecting high risk and high numbers equaling low risk.

API3 Trade Analysis

The API3 risk gauge score corresponds to today's low-risk investments. Portfolio managers who place a significant emphasis on risk assessment will find this indicator more useful when seeking to avoid (or identify) more dangerous assets.

API3 was down 6.42 percent in the previous 24 hours, resulting in the current price of $5.04. Price fluctuations correspond to volumes that fall below typical levels and the token's market cap increases.

The market cap for the token is currently at $185,960,109.07 while crypto worth $49,198.005.42 has moved over the last 24 hours. Price fluctuations are compared to recent changes in volume and market cap, giving API3 a low risk evaluation.

API3 Trade Analysis

API3 Receives Strong Bullish Rating Wednesday

API3 (API3) received a very optimistic rating from InvestorsObserver Wednesday. Decentralized Financial Assets rose 27.59 percent to $4.86 while the larger crypto market was up 1.72 percent.

Very Bullish

Over the previous five days, API3 had received a Very Bullish rating on the InvestorsObserver Sentiment Score. Sentiment Score analyzes API3 performance over the last five days based on volume and price movements.

The Sentiment Score provides a short, short-term view of the recent performance of the crypto. This may be advantageous for short-term investors trying to ride a rally and long-term investors trying to buy a downside.

Price Level

API3 is now trading at a five-day high of $4,86098312544495. Decentralized Financial Assets was down 0.02 percent from a five-day high and 44.30 percent higher from a five-day low of 1TP3Q3.37.

The price of API3 is currently above the resistance. With support placed at $3.52 and resistance around $4.22, API3 may be in a dangerous position if the rally runs out.

API3 shares have been trading on low volume lately. This indicates that today's volume is below the average volume for the last seven days.

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