How to Apply for a Loan at BSI and the Requirements – Here is how to apply for a loan at BSI or an independent Islamic bank that you can do easily and also know the requirements in this article, enjoy reading.

Islamic banks are financial organizations that operate based on syar'i principles in Islam. Even though they have been in Indonesia for a long time, some people still do not fully understand the difference between Islamic cash loans and conventional banks.

Existence Islamic Bank offer additional options for people to acquire financial goods. Like conventional banks, Islamic banks also have the right to be accessed by anyone, including their loan facilities.

There are at least four differences in loan funds between Islamic and conventional banks, namely:

  1. Flower. Conventional banks use loan contracts. So the creditor is obliged to pay the loan along with interest. While conventional banks use buy-sell contracts.
  2. Stake. In conventional banks, consumers face all the risks. Meanwhile, Islamic banks share the risks that arise.
  3. Halal. Islamic banks require customers to indicate the purpose of use so as not to deviate from sharia standards.
  4. Availability. Both banks have almost the same documents. However, Islamic banks offer additional products, such as Hajj financing and education funds.

How to Apply for a Loan at the Latest BSI

How to Apply for a Loan at BSI

Formally, Mandiri Syariah Bank became a sharia-based bank in 1999. Previously, this bank had been a conventional bank for several years.

Bank Syariah Mandiri offers a variety of financial products that can be accessed by anyone. So how?

Versatile Microfinance

This financing is intended for any purpose that does not conflict with sharia or state laws and regulations. The maximum amount of credit offered is IDR 200 million with a maximum term of 88 years.


  • Indonesian citizens.
  • Minimum age 2 years.
  • Minimum age of 21 years or married or fully paid for a maximum of 6 years for workers and 65 years for employers.
  • KTP husband/wife (divorce/death certificate), family card, marriage certificate (marriage certificate).
  • Tenor: working capital (up to 48 months), investment (up to 60 months).
  • Business certificate/work certificate.

BSM Griya

Financing for the purchase of new and used homes in developer and non-developer environments.


  • Indonesian citizens.
  • Minimum age 21 years and maximum 55 years at maturity.
  • Maximum financing of 70 percent of the property price.
  • Installments are less than or equivalent to 40 percent of monthly income.

BSM Auto

Financing the purchase of motorized vehicles with the principle of murabaha.


  • Work.
  • Minimum 21 years and maximum 55 years at maturity.
  • Alone or together.

BSM Implants

Funding and rupiah currency offered by permanent workers in groups is a minimum of IDR 5 million and a maximum of IDR 250 million per prospective customer.


  • This is done through the business the potential client is working for.
  • One group of at least 10 people or Rp. 100 million.
  • The categorization is adjusted to the type of financing, such as Home Ownership Financing, consumer needs, or buying a car.

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