8 Best Securities Companies 2021 to Start Stock Investing with

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Today, people debate the benefits of various investment options. The fact that residents are considering alternative investment instruments such as gold and property shows concern with investment returns.

It is very important to work with a very good broker when investing in stocks or mutual funds because this is not something you can do alone. To find out which companies are good to invest in, choose the best financial companies to use later. This is a detailed list of the best securities firms available.

What is a Securities Company?

What do you think is a Securities Company_

Securities companies, as a type of company that trades securities, buys and sells securities on behalf of securities. All securities company operations are permitted by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) with proper prior authorization.

In general, the operations of securities companies can be grouped into three main categories: investment managers, underwriters, and broker-dealers. The main responsibility of a securities company as an investment manager is based on a series of documents outlining various securities for the protection of customer money.

Once a company decides to go public, underwriters help the company market themselves to potential securities (IPO). The function of a securities broker is to carry out both the customer's and the company's securities, as well as the securities necessary to carry out day-to-day business operations.

8 Best Securities Companies in Indonesia

Signing up with the best brokerage firms to invest in stocks is the first step to making money. Indonesia's OJK lists many different securities as the best and have been registered. Today, it is believed there are nearly 100 licensed securities firms, the best in the industry.

The following information highlights the 8 best securities companies in Indonesia with which you can start trading in the country's securities market.

Indo Premier Securities

Indo Premier Sekuritas was founded in 1996, and is the first securities company to be established in Indonesia. Indo Premier Sekuritas, which provides private and corporate securities trading services, is a private securities company.

Bond transactions during the first three months of 2019 on the Indonesian bond market amounted to $1.0 trillion reaching $10 billion, placing Indo Premier, a top national securities company, in first place in terms of bond market activity.

The company, which is represented by the code PD, provides a variety of services, including equity investments, mutual funds, providing investment banking for companies, financial planning, and trading and trading of equity and fixed income instruments for companies.

Registration prices start from IDR 100,000 for Indo Premier, and some of the advantages include the fact that it offers one of the lowest initial fees. Furthermore, apart from being available at major banks, reasonable stock trading fees, and IPOT trading applications available, one other advantage is that the Investor Fund Account (RDI) is available in certain major financial securities (Indo Premier Online Trading).

Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia

The establishment of Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia in 1994, a universally praised securities company, makes it the best of its kind. This securities company has won many awards, and in 2018 was named the best securities company in Indonesia.

There are many securities products and services available for both individuals and companies through Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia. Some of the goods and services offered include securities trading, buying and selling of bonds, mutual funds, as well as corporate planning and research; while others assist in the acquisition or merger process and the listing of first shares.

Benefits of trading with Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia include a free mobile app, no administration fees, around the clock assistance, low trading fees of 0.25% for selling and 0.15% for buying, and much more.

Mandiri Securities

The following securities company is Mandiri Sekuritas which is part of the Bank Mandiri Group. This excellent investment company was founded in 2000, and until now it has 40 branch offices in several regions.

Mandiri Sekuritas offers securities brokerage and underwriting, as well as many other services. Mandiri Sekuritas provides advantages in the form of online trading facilities such as MOST which can be accessed via an application or desktop platform.

Customers considering using the product can use the online registration method which requires only a small payment. In addition, Mandiri Sekuritas provides lower transaction fees, namely 0.28 percent for the sale of shares and 0.18 percent for the purchase of shares (with an additional fee of IDR 5,000 for each transaction).

Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia

Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia, which was founded in 2008, grew under the guidance of Mr. Ramono Siwojoyo. The company is part of the PhillipCapital worldwide network, which spans 16 countries, and has been operating in Indonesia since 1994.

Phillip Securities has a wide range of services that include trading in stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Phillip Sekuritas' (MKBD) capital currently has a value of around Rp 179 billion, according to stock market data. With POEMS (Phillip's Online Electronic Mart System), Phillip Sekuritas has just become the first retail broker to provide an online trading system. Referred to as the Best Online Trading 2015 because of this online method.

BNI Securities

BNI Sekuritas, a subsidiary of Bank BNI Indonesia, has been present in Indonesia since 1995. Mutual funds, stock trading and underwriting are some of the activities that have received permission from the OJK.

Some of BNI Sekuritas' advantages include large availability, sharia products made online, low minimum deposit (starting from IDR 1,000,000), available trading services, and very competitive commissions. The online security charges a commission of 0.27% for selling fees and 0.17% for buying fees.

NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia

Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia, which is part of NH Korindo, was founded in 2008 as a low-cost securities company for trading. Since its establishment in 2008, NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia has become a securities company providing services to clients.

Its parent company is NH Investment & Securities, which operates as a leading securities firm in South Korea. NH Korindo provides a variety of services, including, but not limited to, online trading, fixed income, investment banking, wealth management, and a number of research services.

To open a securities account at NH Korindo, deposit IDR 1,000,000 and then do the process online. Currently, only banks that cooperate with BCA provide online registration.

CGS-CIMB Sekuritas Indonesia

The most powerful securities company in Indonesia is CGS-CIMB Sekuritas, a combination of CGS (China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd) and CIMB Group. For example, we concentrate on trading (stocks, bonds and other investments), as well as lending and financing services.

CGS-CIMB Sekuritas Indonesia has several advantages including an investment framework with availability for research teams around the world, as well as the option to create online banking accounts in cooperation with major banks (RDN).

Deutsche Sekuritas Indonesia

Deutsche Sekuritas Indonesia is owned by Deutsche Bank, which is owned by Germany-based Deutsche Bank AG. OJK granted these securities companies permission to carry out corporate operations and underwriting of securities when it was established in 1990.

Deutsche Sekuritas Indonesia is currently in the 8th position of the Best Securities Company, and records the most trades among all brokers in Indonesia. In fact, in April 2020, Deutsche Sekuritas Indonesia requested that their stock exchange membership be revoked due to company reorganization both in the local and global context.

List of the Best Securities Companies Listed on the IDX

There are about 100 securities companies in Indonesia that are registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority). Even if there are many other big securities companies in Indonesia, they are located in many big cities and have agents working in many cities.

In South Jakarta, this is a list of securities companies which are all listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. For those of you who don't know about this place, you can visit the Indonesia Stock Exchange website for a list of securities companies.


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To choose a good place to invest in stocks, you need to take a look at our list of the top 10 securities companies in Indonesia. When it comes to selecting securities, you should look at the benefits mentioned above.


Below are questions from the discussion of the article that we have presented above.

Example of a Securities Company

For example bonds, stocks, mortgages, promissory notes, promissory notes, certificates of deposit, coupons, letters, guarantees, rights and options (securities). As reported by the investopedia page, stocks are financial instruments that represent an ownership position in a public company.

Securities Company Benefits

As an intermediary in securities trading (broker-dealer), securities companies carry out activities of buying and selling securities (securities) for their own or other people's interests.

Definition of a Securities Company

Securities are debt securities that can be quickly converted into cash or cash. Because of its liquid nature, securities can be traded or traded quickly. Securities are also defined as a form of ownership of the assets or property of the company that issues the securities.


This information highlights Indonesian securities companies with which you can start trading in the country's securities market. Trading with Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia includes trading in securities, buying and selling bonds, mutual funds, as well as corporate planning and research; while others assist in acquisition or merger processes and initial listing of shares.

Thus the Explanation Info Regarding the 8 Best Securities Companies to Start Investing in Stocks, Hope this is Useful and read on for information about stocks here.

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