How to Register for Social Assistance Online June 2021 – To register for online social assistance in 2021, you must be a participant in the KPM DTKS Ministry of Social Affairs. Here you will get all the information about online social assistance registration in 2021. The Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) will distribute three types Social Assistance (Bansos) in 2021.

How to Register for Social Assistance Online 2021

Three types of Social Assistance are Cash Social Assistance (BST), Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT), and the Family Hope Program (PKH). The 3 types of social assistance provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs have other levels of support and distribution mechanisms.

For BST, the assistance provided is IDR 1.2 million per beneficiary family (KPM). This assistance will be continued in 4 levels of distribution, from January to April 2021, at a rate of IDR 300,000.

For BPNT support, Rp. 2.4 million per KPM was given. This assistance will be continued every month from January to December 2021 in stages of IDR 200,000 per stage. The 2021 PKH social assistance allowance will be continued in 4 stages of disbursement.

Phase 1 will be given in January 2021, Phase 2 in April 2021, Phase 3 in July 2021, and Phase 4 in 2021. People who wish to receive social assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs must first register as KPM registered in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS).

Check the June 2021 Social Assistance Acceptance List

Requirements and Procedures for Registration of KPM DTKS Participants Ministry of Social Affairs:

  1. Poor/vulnerable poor people.
  2. Not a member of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), TNI, Polri.
  3. For BST, make sure you are a community affected by corona or have lost your livelihood due to termination of employment (PHK).

Procedure for Registration of KPM DTKS Kemensos Participants:

  1. No online registration. For participants Beneficiary Families (KPM), register with government officials in places such as RT/RW or Kelurahan/Desa Offices.
  2. After registering at the RT/RW or Kelurahan/Village Office, you will receive a statement letter with registration techniques at a predetermined location.
  3. Then add data such as KTP, NIK, Family Card (KK) and Unique Family code to the integrated data.
  4. The data that has been filled in will then be processed by the Association of State-Owned Banks (HIMBARA), sub-districts and mayors/district offices.
  5. Especially for BPNT, a bank account will be created and a Prosperous Family Card (KKS) will be given.
  6. The Prosperous Family Card (KKS) is also useful for registering at the College KIP.

Checking KPM DTKS membership can be watched on the website or through the SIKS Dataku application.

How to Register for Social Assistance Online June

How to Check the June 2021 Social Assistance Acceptance List

Cash social assistance (BST) June 2021 is an extension of the Ministry of Social Affairs' BST social assistance distribution for January-April which had stopped distributing it in early May 2021.

How to check online the list of recipients of Social Assistance BST:

  1. Visit the link
  2. Determine the Province, Regency/City, District and Village according to the KTP
  3. Enter the full name as it appears on the KTP
  4. Enter the 4 letter code listed in the code column
  5. If the code is not clear, click the code column for the most recent code
  6. click the search button. Visit the page
  7. Determine the Province, Regency/City, District and Village according to the KTP

Requirements for Accepting Social Assistance BST Ministry of Social Affairs:

Candidates who receive are several people who participate in the registration of RT/RW and those in the village.

Candidates who accept are those who have lost their jobs:

  1. Candidates who receive are not registered as receiving other central government welfare such as the Family Hope Program (PKH), Staple Food Cards, Staple Food Packages, Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT), to Pre-Employment Cards.
  2. If the candidate who receives does not receive social assistance from other programs, but has not been registered by the RT/RW, then they can immediately inform the village apparatus.
  3. If the candidate who receives meets the requirements but does not have a National Identity Number (NIK) or National Identity Card (KTP), but can get social assistance without having to make a KTP first. Recipients must live in the village and write their full address.
  4. If the recipient has been registered and the data is correct, the Ministry of Social BST will be given Rp. 300 thousand in cash by post.

Ministry of Social Affairs BST Social Assistance Acceptance Requirements

KPM registered at will receive an invitation from the RT or village head to take advantage of the Cash Social Assistance (BST) welfare service from the Ministry of Social Affairs.


So that's the discussion above about how to register for social assistance which is done online in 2021. Thus the discussion this time, I hope what we convey above is very useful and thank you.

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