Maintain Availability of Sugar and Raw Materials – Maintaining the availability of sugar, the balance of raw materials must be routinely assessed. The presence of a commodity balance which can later become the basis for fulfilling industrial raw materials in Indonesia must be evaluated periodically.

This assessment is needed to make sure the data is correct along with new knowledge in the field. Chairman of the Forum Cross Association of Refined Sugar Users (FLAIFGR) Dwiatmoko Setiono explained, the idea of developing a raw material balance is indeed a good one. However, it is important to have the correct raw material data.

Maintain the availability of sugar balance of raw materials. "Before we make a balance sheet, it is necessary to determine how high the opening and closing shares are," he said, Thursday (15/4). According to him, all supporting needs such as ministries or agencies, including economic actors, must approve the original data that will be used for commodity balances.

Maintain the availability of sugar. What's more, Indonesia is currently still facing incorrect data. The data listed on paper often differ from the evidence on the ground. Apart from the compatibility of the data, knowledge of the acquisition and research system is no less an advantage.

According to him, compiling a commodity balance requires an integrated statistical system in order to produce uniform data. Because of this, the honesty of everyone participating is essential to creating a reliable and appropriate inventory. "It is possible that the goods inventory data is made for the needs of several factions," said Dwiatmoko.

He gave an example, since 2010 the industry was no longer able to import raw sugar due to import limitation regulations. Conceptually, this regulation is quite good, even though it actually drives economic actors to commit naughty acts in this section.

Indonesia itself was once the second largest sugar exporting country in the world. It's a shame, with the demand for sugar increasing every year, we can't solve the problem of farmers' welfare and implement production technology. These various import restrictions make investors lazy to invest in Indonesia.

Dwiatmoko explained, if you want to increase the amount and quality of domestic sugar, there are many important things to do. Among them are increasing the productivity (yield) of sugar cane plantations and seeds for farmers and upgrading of machines and technology in sugar factories. "Sugar imports are not urged if this is not implemented," said Dwiatmoko.

The same thing was conveyed by Atong Soekirman, Deputy for Industrial Development at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Sector. According to him, in accordance with Government Regulation (PP) Number 28 of 2021 regarding the implementation of the industrial sector, commodity balance regulations must be able to guarantee business security.

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