Optimistic that DTI's business performance will get better

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Optimistic that DTI's business performance will get better and as one of the OEM advertising supply companies in Indonesia, PT DTI has partnered with around 108 of the most important brands working in several fields such as e-commerce, gaming, banking, automotive, entertainment programs, O2O programs, telecommunications , FMCG, and others.

Optimistic Analysis of DTI Business Performance

PT DTI (Digital Technology Advertensi Indonesia) has successfully demonstrated its performance finance healthy by tackling lockdown hurdles and economic slowdown in 2020.

Optimistic about DTI's Business Performance

This can be seen from the increase in the number of 220% compared to the overall performance in 2019. All of this success has been achieved and harvested from PT DTI which has an entity similar to Oppo Ads.

Sherly Luo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of PT DTI, said that the success of achieving 220% in 2020 was a real form of superior knowledge of the behavior of Oppo cellphone users.

"With Oppo as one of the most popular and well-known mobile phones in Indonesia, we continue to apply the succinct examples of success from the Chinese market to the national digital map in Indonesia.

This is in line with deep integrative business direction that is in accordance with market conditions and the needs of loyal consumers," he said. Sherly Guo in her explanation, Friday (4 September 2021).

Sherly Guo continued, most Indonesians do all work from home (WFH), which causes a large number of routines to move to online routines.

Oppo Ads found that the daily active users of Oppo cellphones increased between 32% and 40%. In addition, the period of using a cell phone or screen time has increased by about 20% compared to usual.

The level of program usage in the Oppo cellphone user group started from the e-commerce group which experienced an increase of 30%, and the information and entertainment group such as short videos or games which experienced an increase of between 10% to 30%.

Besides that, the number of program downloads in the Oppo App Market increased significantly between 15% to 35%. This indicates that the impact of the outbreak and WFH have spent a lot of people's daily routines in the digital space.

"Our special concentration in 2020 is to change the way of doing business and try to see obstacles as opportunities and opportunities in doing business.

One of the main keys is to understand user behavior and adjust the company's focus ratio to the conditions encountered.

Ads can survive and grow faster in 2020," added Sherly. According to Sherly, in adapting to the new era of the current epidemic.

Oppo Ads has a flexible strategy that is realized in three specific pillars:

  1. right direction
  2. the right campaign product
  3. and the right campaign package

"Since the first quarter of 2021, Oppo Ads has succeeded in widening its portfolio with the arrival of 15 new loyal customers.

Based on the plan of continuing work in the second quarter until the end of 2021, Oppo Ads aims to develop. Portfolio in terms of field achievements through O2O for new investors.

Extensive network of mobile users. Oppo can help attract and grow program users," he said. Thanks to Optimism, DTI's business performance is getting better.'


PT DTI (Digital Technology Advertensi Indonesia) has successfully demonstrated a healthy financial performance by overcoming lockdown hurdles and economic slowdown in 2020.

This is information about being optimistic that DTI's business performance will get better, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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