MSME local shoes are no less competitive – Never Too Lavish (NTL) founder Bernhard Suryanigrat explained that local MSME shoes are no strangers to being unable to compete with foreign shoe products. Never Too Lavish is an art studio that deals with changing designs, from jackets to shoes.

Even the NTL factory was bought by President Joko Widodo. According to Abeng, as he is called, the quality of shoe products made domestically is not inferior to those made abroad.

"What is the purpose of local shoes made by our MSMEs, not the sloppy class, the manufacturing is fine, truly professional," he said in an online seminar. Which will be held virtually on Friday (03/12). ) Running in 2021).

This is one of the reasons why local shoe products are popular. Besides that, local shoe products are still preferred because apart from being cheap they also have good product quality. In fact, the quality of local brands is no less competitive with players from abroad.

MSME local shoes are no less competitive

"Not only the brand itself, but our MSMEs, our local brand players have thought about quality and technology," he said. Not to mention that local shoes have various models so lovers can have different options in determining which shoe model is right to wear.

"Generally they are from the MSME class, so they still produce in small quantities but there are many models. Because of that lovers have different options what kind of model they want, "he explained. In terms of business transactions, the marketing of local shoes in the country has experienced an increase.

Tokopedia found that the market for locally branded shoes increased 2x despite the outbreak. Even a local shoe player who owns the Brodo brand saw business transactions grow almost 5.5 times during the epidemic.

In fact, according to Denis, local branded shoes from Indonesian MSMEs are no less competitive with brands from abroad. Because of this, there is an increasing awareness of Indonesian consumers who like to use local products.

Besides that, there are also many residents who value locally made shoe products the most. Denis believes that in 2021 there will be more and more local individual ownership accompanied by no less competitive levels of development and creation.

Footwear products local MSMEs is predicted to lead the local market. "Hopefully we don't become guests in our own country, but become kings and become a well-recognized brand in our society," he said.

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