Indonesia Exports Rice to 20 Countries – Indonesia exports rice to 20 countries. Amidst the joy of farmers reaping big harvests in several regions, the Ministry of Agriculture has released data regarding the wide open choice of rice exports for Indonesian farmers.

With a pretty good price guarantee in the international market. Kuntoro Boga Andri, Director of Public Relations and Information Agency at the Ministry of Agriculture, explained that Indonesian rice has gained market share in other countries.

At least since 2017, Indonesia has exported 2,100 tons to 5 target countries, namely the Netherlands, the United States, Malaysia, Belgium and Bangladesh. "Based on data from the KKNI Agricultural Quarantine Agency collected at our export dock, our demand for rice abroad is quite high," he said in his official broadcast, taken, Sunday (28 March 2021).

In fact, in 2018 total exports reached 1,400 tons to 14 countries, including Japan, Vietnam and China.

Besides that, Kuntoro explained, the desire for premium group rice or special needs is still open considering market tastes. The demand for organic and horeka rice abroad for Asian local rice is quite good.

Kuntoro added, rice export volume reached 230.2 tons in 2019 and 341.1 tons in 2020. "Even though the volume decreased quite a bit, there were obstacles to the Covid 19 outbreak in 2020, in particular, the number of exporting countries increased to 20 countries in the world. This is an opportunity that needs to be used,” said Kuntoro.

Indonesia has exported rice to 20 countries. If this opportunity can be used and some countries of the world start, then it can open access to the docks. Kuntoro believes his choice will be wide open.

In terms of the strength of the agricultural area and production capacity, this is not a problem because Indonesia still has enough space and needs to be managed to meet the needs of certain seeds and their maintenance.

"We believe in opportunity rice exports to the international market will continue to be open and we will be able to meet the needs of local and international markets.

Minister of Agriculture Syahrul has specific guidelines on how to increase added value and remember to export our agricultural products. We just need to optimize its strength, “said Kuntoro.


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Can Indonesia Export Rice?

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto said Indonesia would export 200,000 tons of rice to friendly countries. That's because rice production potential will reach 7 million tons by the end of the year.

Where Does Indonesia Export Rice?

Indonesian rice has successfully entered foreign markets including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the United States.


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