Presidential Decree Maintains Business and People's Purchasing Power – Banpres maintains business and people's purchasing power that can be trusted. The stimulus is divided into various packages, such as the President's support for micro-productive businesses aimed at providing facilities, stimulating and maintaining micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the midst of an epidemic.

This stimulus is useful for people's purchasing power. Deputy for Micro Enterprises of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Eddy Satriya explained that several opinion polls showed improvement in the economy, especially after the disbursement of the President's Micro Business Contribution Fund in 2020.

“This support causes micro businesses to get additional capital to run their business. Several government packages have increased the purchasing power of citizens," he said in recorded information, Wednesday (March 24, 2021).

He stated this in a productive discussion on the topic "Towards Medicine, a Developing Economy" held by KPCPEN and broadcast by FMB9ID_IKP. From the government faction, Eddy conveyed his commitment to provide support for MSMEs during an outbreak.

"It is a government regulation to exclusively provide support for the Office of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises as a whole so that the efficiency, relief and protection of companies for MSMEs can be realized properly within the corridors of statutory provisions and vital regulatory packages." he spoke.

Presidential Assistance to Maintain Business

The Presidential Decree is believed to be able to maintain business and people's purchasing power. In addition, Eddy Satriya said that the UMKM Ministry of Cooperatives UMKM Direct Cash Contribution would offer opportunities to serve old and new applicants. Because they wanted them to continue their efforts.

"We are trying to optimize support for SMEs so that payments are fast. We need to change unofficial business to legal business. This will open a new business and make a wish," he said.

In this matter, it is believed that the Banpres can maintain business and people's purchasing power. Economic researcher Piter Abdullah views positive economic development not only from one aspect. "However, we see how far government programs can increase the resilience of citizens and the business world," he said.

Piter recommends that all components of society must work together to achieve good conditions for economic development. Because, according to him, you are working together to deal with the effects of this outbreak.

"We agree that the government is responding to this outbreak with good regulations. As we witness everyone working together to challenge the impact of this outbreak," he said.

At that time, the financial planner Aidil Besar who came added that the government's tactics had been good at dealing with the plague. This is an innovation, especially for Ministry of Cooperatives and MSMEs needed to increase the purchasing power of citizens.

"Besides that, the epidemic has increased the percentage of new players in micro-businesses, which because of this condition causes someone to become a company during an outbreak," he said.

According to Aidil, efforts to increase the consumption of Indonesian middle class citizens must be supported by fulfilling the safety factor.

“In the current situation, there are many middle and upper class groups who are reducing consumption due to two reasons. They feel insecure either in terms of health or finances," said Aidil Besar.


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