Pelni Upgrade Discounts – PELNI's increased price discount is available for domestic economy class maritime passengers, namely veterans, seniors over 60 years old, retired TNI or POLRI or retired civil servants.

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) continues to apply customs and discount provisions. This stipulation is in line with the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation Number PM 109 of 2017 concerning the limit fee for domestic economy class passenger transportation. acting.

The Chief Corporate Secretary of PT Pelni Opik Taupik explained, the pelni increase price reduction provisions lower costs for activities at other social, religious and national levels.

According to Opik, the Pelni ship belongs to the government, so applying for a price discount to increase the number of ship tickets must get an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation, in this case the Director General of Sea Transportation, such as PM 109.

Price of the Latest Pelni Upgrade

Pelni Upgrade Discounts

According to PM 109, the price discount for increasing the cost of shipping passengers at sea is at least 20 % of the cost of adult passengers at the time of payment. This discount is available for domestic economy class maritime passengers, namely veterans, seniors 60 years and over, retired TNI or POLRI or retired civil servants.

For TNI members, POLRI members, civil servants, students or other residents, it is decided that the optimal adult fee is 20 %. "This is carried out based on reasons for social, religious, national or service activities, such as PM 109 and must include a recommendation letter or travel information letter," he said in a journalist broadcast, Friday (19/).

3/2021) Throughout the new tradition of sea transportation, Pelni consistently applies strict health procedures for passengers and ship groups. All PELNI ships regularly spray disinfectants in all corners of the ship to ensure the ship is in sterile condition every time it goes out to sea.

Like a flyer Ministry of Transportation number: 18 SE 2021, PELNI ship passengers must wear a mask and provide an RT-PCR test or rapid antigen certificate with a negative result if the sample is taken optimally 3×24 hours before departure and fill in the She Indonesia e-HAC from “Marketing of ship tickets PELNI Currently, a total of 50 % is still being implemented from the ship's ability to maintain the implementation of social distancing.

All groups regularly do Rapid Antigen Tests and monitor their health. The ship group ensures that each PELNI ship launches safely," he said.


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