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Options for prospective civil servants (CPNS) 2021 opens next month. Requirements must be prepared by potential candidates. For this choice, the individual needs to go through a series of stages.

The Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB) announced that the development of each institution would be presented at the end of March 2021.

Prospective participants need to be prepared. Like the first few years, participants had to go through a series of levels. Starting from administrative selection, basic skills selection, field competency selection (SKB), value integrative, degree information to submission.

To deal with this selection of skills apart from studying on their own, the participants usually take part in the selection of study guides or also known as tutoring from agencies that have carried out this activity. But because of the epidemic, the selection of study guides is currently being carried out online or online.

For example, from management choices, basic ability choices, field ability choices (SKB), integration of values, announcement of levels to entry.

To handle this choice of expertise, along with self-study, individuals usually participate in tutoring, also known as mentoring from organizations that have currently undertaken this task.

However, due to the pandemic, this tutoring solution is currently being widely delivered online and online.

This tutorial quotes the official website and provides lessons or practice questions about CPNS competency choices and there are also those who take the CAT-based online test selection for SKD test simulations.

There is also a CAT-based online test solution for SKD test simulations. This guidance also offers a 100% money back guarantee without discount if the individual does not pass the SKD stage. There are basic conditions for obtaining this warranty.

On the official website of the growing online CPNS tutoring business, offers real-time and detailed assessments to measure the extent to which individuals understand the material. This CPNS guidance also adjusts products and practice questions to help you prepare for the exam.

Online CPNS tutoring business. In addition, Indonesia said, generally teaching competent topics from S1 or S-2 or UI and UGM lecturers are also used for tutoring.


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