Famous Palembang Pempek Food Business

Rancakmedia.com – Pempek food business is a food made from fish meat. The savory Pempek Palembang combined with a brownish sauce with a sour-sweet-spicy taste has made many people like Pempek. This food is one business that still looks "interesting" to run.

Palembang's pempek food business, as the name implies, is Palembang's special food. But in Jakarta there are many places to eat that sell Pempek Palembang. However, there are at least 6 places to eat that sell delicious Pempek Palembang that you must try.

Manufacturing raw material requirements Pempek Palembang it uses mackerel meat. When choosing mackerel meat, you can choose meat ingredients that are fresh and without skin. The quality of the mackerel meat really influences the taste of Pempek Palembang.

Processing therefore must pay attention to the freshness of the meat. Apart from using mackerel, this pempek symbol can also be made from belida, snapper, snakehead fish and tuna. Apart from these raw materials, you also need sago starch, salt and eggs to make pempek.

For the sago flour option used, you can choose white and clean. The seasoning used can use a sauce made from cayenne pepper, garlic, brown sugar and vinegar. The use of vinegar can be replaced with the use of tamarind so that the Pempek sauce is more concentrated.

Every place to eat that Pempek Pelembang has to offer has its own quality. But one of the characteristics of the submarine is the choice of food Pempek.

Why am I a pempek business? because this food is a basic need of every human being. Now, food and drink are not just a primary need, but can also be a lifestyle requirement in socializing.

In selling Pempek Palembang, there are risks that must be met by several business actors. One of the risks for Pempek Palembang sellers is the price of raw materials which sometimes soars. The increase in the price of mackerel can be handled by replacing meat with other types that are cheaper and more affordable.

You can exchange it for strip fish or snakehead fish. Besides that, if you use other types of fish, then you don't need to worry if the taste quality goes down. Proper processing means Pempek Palembang has a delicious taste and the quality is always protected.

Famous Palembang Pempek Food Business

We can see various posts on social media, there must be posts in the form of food and drinks that look tempting. This causes the growth of the culinary business in Indonesia to progress very rapidly. Both those that can be seen on the streets, as well as food businesses that do not have a physical building by going online through grabfood or gojek.


Can Pempek Be a Business Opportunity?

Pempek Palembang business is one of the companies with promising business prospects. The Pempek Palembang business is perfect for those of you who are looking for business options that are cheap but profitable.

What are the Disadvantages of Pempek?

The weakness of empek-empek food in Palembang is that it requires storage so that pempek can last a long time. Using this storage area requires quite expensive electricity costs.

What are the Benefits of Pempek?

Pempek is a functional food because apart from being nutritious and high in protein, it is also beneficial for growth and intelligence, especially for children. Cuko or pempek vinegar is also nutritious for health and can stimulate a child's appetite.

What are the Characteristics of the Pempek Food Business?

Pempek is a processed food made from ground fish meat with starch. This food is usually served with pempek or cuko sauce. It's delicious and filling. This typical Palembang culinary mostly uses fish as its main ingredient.


Pempek Palembang food business is food made from fish meat. The raw materials used include mackerel, belida, snapper, snakehead fish and tuna. Processing must pay attention to the freshness of the meat.

The seasoning used can be made from cayenne pepper, garlic, brown sugar, tamarind and vinegar. For the choice of sago flour used, you can choose white and clean. Thus the article that we can convey, hopefully the information above can be useful,

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