Mask Business Business Opportunities during the Pandemic - Opportunities for the mask business during the pandemic that never subsided have strained the Indonesian economy this year. The government needs to provide support and mobilize these SMEs so that local production, especially convection, can then move the economy because it must continue.

In addition, local Indonesian fashion designers have started making funny masks according to the current model. In my opinion, the potential for developing the mask business is huge. HIPMI wants the government to be able to buy some goods made domestically.

Currently, COVID-19 is becoming an obstacle for the Indonesian health industry to be independent in the country because Indonesia can actually do without a lot of import business transactions.

"In my opinion, with the creations of colleagues who are good at learning how to make masks and other things, import numbers will be suppressed for a long time. This is precisely the government's step to socialize so that we can buy local products and through existing ones. So that the MSME economy continues to run.

On the same occasion, Saifudin HS as the President Director of Indo Facility Partners said that the desire was due to the high need for COVID-19 and some of which were still needed, including masks.

Mask Business Business Opportunities

Mask business opportunity during a pandemic. In MSME business, study LPEM UI and UNDP in 2020 found that more than 88% MSMEs had reduced their overall income from the start of the pandemic to August 2020.

However, the encouraging news is that Indonesian MSMEs are in the midst of monetary difficulties and have a high probability of recovering from the impact of the pandemic.

Market analyst College of Indonesia and chairman of Next Policy supervisor, Fithra Faisal, said Indonesia's monetary developments are expected to recover to 4 to 6 percent in 2021.

“Estimating welfare, for example, injections will accelerate recovery in utilization and offer wider business potential. At that time monetary mediation by increasing motivation in 2021 will energize MSMEs," he said in an official statement, Wednesday (16/2) 2021.

Fithra underlined in particular that some MSMEs that have found a way to survive rely heavily on ICT (data, correspondence and innovation). Presentation of this innovation can be a central issue in increasing the exchange by as much as a percent.

Mask business opportunity

Michael Willem, CEO of Qasir said, the organization has seen first-hand several MSME players who are trying to maintain their organization, make business changes, and even leave the business. "It is undeniable that computerized changes make the intensity of MSMEs expand.

For example, when MSME actors work together with online transportation managers, work with internet business stages to carry out progress, package programs, and create different methodologies aimed at maintaining the circulation of goods.

“Michael said: The next technique is the ability of these MSME entertainers to react to new requirements that arise at other ordinary times.

Indirectly, the emergence of new business visionaries in 2020 will also have a positive impact on their business. Michael is very adequate today and idealistic that Indonesian MSMEs will recover in 2021.


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