10 Tips for Successful Selling Online for Beginners

Rancakmedia.com – Did you know that selling online has a strategy so that the products we sell make a profit? Following Tips for successful selling online for beginners that you can try, watch until it's finished.

Now, almost all the routines and lives of citizens have moved to the digital world, including in the field of business or business.

Many business actors, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have switched to selling online on various platforms or e-commerce.

10 Tips for Success Selling Online

List of Successful Online Selling Tips

Selling online seems easy, even though selling online has certain obstacles. For those of you who just want to start selling online, you should first read the following tips:

1. Create an SEO Strategy

When you start selling online, you must be aware that there is an additional 'weapon' to increase your online shop transactions, namely technology.

Knowledge of technology such as search engine optimization (SEO) you must master. By mastering SEO or the right keywords, the products you sell can appear more often in search engines.

2. Choose the Right Platform or e-Commerce

Platform/e-commerce is the media or 'shop' where you sell. Each e-commerce has its own characteristics.

You should first study the advantages and disadvantages of each e-commerce or electronic sales before you decide where to sell.

3. Give the best service to customers

When selling online, make sure you provide the best service to customers. Also provide clear information regarding the products you are selling, so that customers are more helpful during the buying process.

With good service and information, they are likely to give your store a good testimonial.

4. Create Lots of Content

Selling online is not only a matter of good and quality products, but also requires a smart strategy.

One of them is by creating some content about your product. You can create articles on blogs, create websites, and YouTube videos about reviews of your products.

Create an SEO Strategy

5. Make Something Unique

In the digital market there are lots of similar products that can be found. For example, if you sell masks, there will be many competitors who also sell the same product.

Therefore, create something unique and different from the product you are selling. For example, masks with unique designs, easy to use and antibacterial.

6. Pay attention to site security

In selling online, the security aspect is very important. Be it payment security or customer data security.

With a safe site, customers will feel comfortable and trust when shopping at your online store.

7. Promo calculations

Another business strategy is to provide promos to customers. It is undeniable, customers really like the promo. Promos are also able to increase sales transactions.

However, before giving a promo, make sure it is in accordance with the right calculation and will not make you lose.

8. Do Evaluation

Business evaluation is also very important to do. By evaluating a business, you can find out what is lacking and what you are doing right.

You can also add new strategies if you have unsatisfactory evaluation results.

9. Try selling products that are needed a lot

Choose the Right Platform or e-Commerce

Selling products that are widely needed by the community can also increase the opportunity to get bigger transactions and profits.

For example, during a pandemic, many people started buying products related to hobbies so they wouldn't get bored at home such as bicycles, plants, betta fish, and so on.

10. Take advantage of e-Commerce Features

There are many features in e-commerce that you can find to help your business. At Tokopedia, for example, there is the Proudly Made in Indonesia feature.

In this feature, people can immediately find local products from various categories. Starting from fashion, beauty, food and drink, household and many more.

There is also a Tokopedia Play feature. Through this video streaming channel, sellers on Tokopedia, which has almost 100% of MSMEs, can carry out interactive and entertaining promotions.

Buyers can watch as well as get a variety of attractive offers that can make shopping more efficient.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about selling online, as follows:

1. How to sell our products?

For those of you who don't know, you can refer to the article below:

  1. Find out the specifications and uniqueness of your product
  2. Win the hearts of consumers
  3. Provide responsive service
  4. Listen to complaints or opinions from consumers
  5. Make small promises to consumers


This is information about tips for successful selling online that pumula can try, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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