Riau Palm Oil Prices Slightly Dropped Today

Rancakmedia.com – If you want to know the price Palm oil Riau today, this is the right article. In the period April 20-26, it decreased based on the age of the oil palm.

The highest reduction loss occurred in oil palm aged 10-20 years at 83.79/kg or 2.14 % from the price a week ago. So that the buying price of farmers' FFB for the next one week period fell to IDR 3,830.68/Kg.

Head of the Riau Plantation Agency, Zulfadli, indicated that the decline in FFB prices was driven by internal and external factors. Even though CPO prices rose for a time, the decline in kernel prices contributed to lower FFB prices during this period.

List of FFB Prices for Oil Palm in Riau Province

"Because there are no companies selling kernels, the average kernel data is collected from KPBN at a price of IDR 10,394," he said.

While the selling price of CPO from various companies is the source of the data. PTPNV raised selling price CPO of IDR 343.00/Kg compared to the previous week.

Then the Sinar Mas Group experienced a price increase of IDR 403.71/Kg from last week's price, the Astra Agro Lestari Group experienced a price increase of IDR 571.00/Kg from last week's price, PT. Asian Agri experienced an increase of Rp. 434.45/Kg from last week's price.

“Crude palm oil (CPO) prices, on the other hand, fell today due to external reasons. CPO prices increased 9.24 cents in the last quarter, according to Refinitiv data. “It's been a hundred years,” he said.

If CPO prices drop below MYR 6,260-6,326/ton, they will find support around MYR 6,392/ton. Due to uncertainty about the supply of world vegetable oil due to the conflict in Ukraine.

"Local residents are not interested in plantation workers, so the palm oil sector is very dependent on foreign workers," he said of foreign workers in oil palm plantations.

Price List of Palm Oil in Riau Province

Price of Palm Oil FFB in Riau Province No. 16 is calculated as follows for the period April 20-22, 2022, as follows:

  1. Age 3 years (Rp 2,833.92)
  2. Age 4 years (Rp 3,066.08)
  3. Age 5 years (Rp 3,347.12)
  4. Age 6 years (Rp 3,427.11)
  5. Age 7 years (Rp 3,561.08)
  6. Age 8 years (Rp 3,659.11)
  7. Age 9 years (Rp 3,743.94)
  8. Age 10th-20th (Rp 3,830.68)
  9. Age 21 years (Rp 3,670.13)
  10. Age 22 years (Rp 3,651.95)
  11. Age 23 years (Rp 3,636.80)
  12. Age 24 years (Rp 3,485.33)
  13. Age 25 years (Rp 3,402.03)


The following is a question and answer session from the discussion that we have presented above, please see below:

The Normal Price of Palm Oil Per Kg?

The price of FFB at the factory level is IDR 1,420 per kilogram. This figure has increased from the previous Rp 1,000 per kilogram. According to Katabuna, the increase in the price of FFB since the last week was due to the abolition of export levies. This policy is valid from 15 July to 31 August 2022.

What is the Price of Tbs Palm Oil?

The FFB price for a 5-year crop is set at IDR 1,732.14 per kg. This price continues to fall compared to that set on 16-30th June 2022. During this period, the FFB of oil palm for a 3-year plant was IDR 2,070.34 per kg while for t year it was IDR 2,221.50 per kg.

Price of Palm Oil in Malaysia?

The price of FFB from Malaysia is in the range of IDR 3,500 – IDR 4,500 per kg. In Indonesia, the price is cheaper.


The greatest loss in the decline in the price of palm oil occurred at the age of 10-20 years of 83.79/kg or 2.14 % from the price a week ago. So that the buying price of farmers' FFB for the next one week period fell to IDR 3,830.68/Kg.

In the article above, we have provided a list of declines in palm oil in Riau province which experienced a decline in price, especially palm oil aged 10-20 years which experienced the highest decline.

Thus the article about the price of Riau palm oil, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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