Tips to Keep Car Selling Prices High During a Pandemic – You need to know the tips so that the selling price of the car remains high even though you are selling it in the middle of a pandemic, see the article below until it's finished. Car purchases are often made through the use of trade-in vehicles. Of course, everyone wants the best new car prices to fulfill their automotive fantasies.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the resale value or resale value of old cars is very important. To add another price, there are some easy techniques to increase your car's resale price.

Tips to Keep Car Selling Prices High

First, carry out routine maintenance at a licensed repair shop. It is your duty to make sure your car is always in prime condition, therefore you have created this routine maintenance program.

Even used car buyers are aware of this little-known fact. It's no wonder that used car buyers will verify the car whether routine maintenance is carried out at an official repair shop or not. Second, have complete insurance, including clauses on official workshops and the use of original spare parts.

More than 90% urban crashes have some kind of body damage, whether it's a minor kickback or crash damage.

Car repair at an authorized repair shop helps ensure the body is in optimal condition. When looking at a car, a potential buyer might be able to feel how well the repairs were done. This has a significant impact on the bids submitted.

Plus, the exterior used car can help increase the resale price. In order for a car to be sold at a premium price, the appearance of the car must be maintained properly.

Try to keep the car from changing and other things that spoil its appearance. An ugly appearance of the car will lower the price and discourage potential buyers.

Furthermore, if important documents such as STNK, BPKB and invoices If the vehicle is complete, then you can be sure that the buying and selling price of the car will be high. Conversely, if important documents are missing or incomplete, the price of the car will be lowered.

In addition, inadequate vehicle documentation has the potential to raise the suspicions of potential buyers. Always tidy up your vehicle documents.

Alternatively, basic equipment like first aid kits or integrated jacks that are often found in cars can drive up the price of a used car.


In the article above, we have provided tips that you need to do so that you can still sell your car at a high price even though you are selling it in the midst of a pandemic.

This is an article about tips to keep car buying and selling prices high during a pandemic. Hopefully the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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