Latest JSM Indomaret Promo 21 to 23 January 2022 – JSM promotions Indomaret the latest 21 to 23 January 2022 is still valid only for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you take advantage of the Indomaret promo while you can get it.

Many people are attracted to this promotion because it allows them to get discounts while saving money on daily necessities. As the name suggests, this promo is only valid for 3 days on weekends.

If you look at the latest catalog, you can find the product you are looking for and what you need. So don't miss this promo because you can save. In addition, you can get discounts up to 60%.

This Week's JSM Indomaret Promo Products

The discount given by Indomaret is no joke. There are several product categories featured in the JSM Indomaret promo catalog this time. Various products presented are also available with very tempting discounts. Especially basic needs which are the products most sought after by Indomaret clients.

JSM Product Categories:

  1. Rice, sugar, wheat flour and other staples are examples of basic needs.
  2. Combating the lack of basic necessities such as soap for the bathroom and washing.
  3. Snacks such as chiki, Cheetos, lays, and others that usually get discounts from Indomaret.
  4. Beverages such as mineral water, tea, coffee, soft drinks and so on.
  5. Diapers, in various sizes, are one of the necessities for babies.
  6. Instant noodles such as delicious noodles, Indomie, Supermie, and other noodle products.
  7. Other requirements that are also sought include tissues that are needed by many people.

By reading the catalog, you can find out what products are being reduced on weekends. Of course, the discounts and promotions provided by Indomaret are varied and unique. For example, for food products, there are offers like buy one get one free.

Even if you missed this weekend's promo, you don't need to worry. This JSM promo is generally always available every weekend. So you have to always update so you don't miss the promo.

When else can you get a high quality product at a reasonable price? You also have to stay for 3 days, from Friday to Sunday to be able to enjoy the JSM promo from Indomaret. Visit the Indomaret store in your city if you don't believe me.

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