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Rancakmedia.com – For those of you who want to invest in stock trading, the best stock application on Android is an option. Stock trading has a high rate of return, but the price often fluctuates. Moreover, the danger is higher.

Although technical advances make it easier for investors to carry out various share transactions in the capital market, these developments currently make transactions more complicated. As an investor, you may want to consider the best stock apps on android as well.

New investors in the Indonesian stock market will definitely want to have a copy of the stock app in their app as there are many advantages to downloading it.

Next, which Indonesian stock application is most recommended for investors and is registered with the OJK? Please see the full review here regarding the best stock applications on Android.

Best Stock Application

1. Seed (Automatic Mutual Fund Investment)

Seed Application can be an alternative for individuals who are new to the world of stock investment. This best stock application on Android can save you the trouble of investing. The reason is because the Bibit app will evaluate your profile, age, income, risk and investment goals and make a decision for you.

This application service is very safe because it is supported by several e-wallets. For just IDR 10.000, you can make small transactions. The advice, if you are a beginner who is looking for a simple application with some guidance from the OJK, then you should try using Bibit.

What's really great about Bibit is that it offers a wide range of mutual funds, including bonds, Islamic equities, and other investment vehicles. This application allows you to make investments according to your preferences and investments finance You.

2. Bareksa (Online Mutual Fund & SBN Investment)

If you are looking for an application that allows you to buy various mutual funds and SBN online and is supervised by the OJK, you should look at Bareksa. Join bareksa application this is simple as no real documents have to be provided. Everything is possible with the Internet.

Choose from over 150 conventional and Islamic mutual fund options when you join. You may feel comfortable with the fact that there are more than 50 investment managers, making investing easier for you.

Additionally, it is possible to use multiple payment methods with this app, including e-wallet and bank transfer and as far as transactions are concerned, this may be as simple as fast, simple and hassle-free.

3. Stockbit (Analysis & Discussion)

PT Sinarmas Sekuritas is involved in developing Android applications, stockbit, which provides online stock analysis. It is also a startup in the stock industry, known as Stockbit.

This stock trading app is available for use in the Online Community Stock Apps category. If you're interested in trading, there are plenty of other people in the community you can talk to.

Additionally, Stockbit has additional apps that allow you to trade stocks with just a few clicks. You are also protected from unauthorized access, using the Touch ID function.

With full-featured virtual trading capabilities and stock trading simulations, stock investment application This is what traders who use real-time Indonesian stock exchange data movement requirements need.

4. RTI Business (Share Price Movement)

RTI Business is a reliable stock trading application recognized among investors. The contents of this application offer market-related information about Jakarta, Indonesia.

After using quotes, surveys, databases, spreadsheets, financial data, and other sources, we start from a variety of price quotes, charts, financial data, analysis, information on the latest business decisions, capital and stock market news, and more.

You may get an idea of ​​a company's success over the past five years by looking at their financials, such as profit and loss statements, cash flow, profitability, and financial position.

Learn how to trade shares online using IDX Virtual Online Trading, commonly known as the stock trading simulation function, which is included in PT RTI Infokom's flagship stock application.

5. MOST (Complete Investment Products)

This fifth application is called MOST, and is available for online stock trading. Beginners will find this app user friendly due to its intuitive UI.

MOST was created by Mandiri Sekuritas, the main securities company under the umbrella of Bank Mandiri. Of course, you must be a Mandiri Sekuritas client to be able to use the MOST application. While this is possible, it is also very expensive.

For students, the first share account deposit is IDR. 2 million, while for the general public Rp. 5 million. Full service, on the other hand, is at least Rp. 100 million.

The cost of buying or selling shares is 0,28% of the transaction, while the transaction fee is 0,18% of the total expenditure (minimum IDR 5.000).

6. Best BCAS Best mobile (Online & Offline)

BCAS Best Mobile is a stock trading application trusted by customers at PT BCA Sekuritas. You can now trade shares directly on the Indonesia Stock Exchange using this application.

The BCA stock app is packed with capability, helping consumers and investors do everything from online stock trading to subscribing to market alerts.

Users love our versatile app which includes Quick Orders functionality, as they appreciate faster access to their stock trading accounts.

To open an online account, users must pay IDR 3 million. Offline accounts do not require an initial deposit, as long as you have the required amount of money in your account.

It costs 0,18% of the purchase price and 0,28% of the sale price to create an online account. Offline accounts are subject to a 0,25% purchase fee, as well as a 0,35% sales fee.

7. MNC Trade New (Low Initial Deposit)

MNC Group subsidiary MNC Sekuritas created the MNC Trade New stock application. This business was founded in 1989.

The Securities software company offers a number of unique features, such as trailing orders, break orders, GTC orders, and others.

Cheap initial capital deposit for MNC Trade New is only Rp. 100 thousand. Since the buying fee is 0,18% and the selling fee is 0,28%, buying and selling both is only 0,18% more expensive.

For newcomers to the stock market, making the first capital investment is not a big problem, but make sure you know how to play stocks for beginners to get double the returns.

8. Poems ID (Regular & Sharia RDN Available)

Poems ID is OJK's next best stock application. You can trade shares, buy and sell mutual funds using this app.

PT Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia has created a stock application to allow you to track real-time stock movements, groups.

These companies serve as intermediaries when purchasing shares of the common stock. So, it is completely safe. Being a Phillip Sekuritas client is mandatory to use this application. In addition, you must invest a minimum of IDR 500.000.

Other Customer Fund Accounts (RDN) such as Bank BCA, Mandiri, Permata, and Sinarmas also exist, meaning that Sharia-compliant Customer Fund Accounts (RDN) are available (also known as Sharia compliant).

9. Indopremier IPOT (No Minimum Deposit)

This application intended for the OJK stock exchange was developed by Indo Premier Securities. You can start trading shares with a small down payment, even without a deposit.

After you make a transaction, a new deposit will be placed. As for sales costs, each is set at 0,29%. However, in terms of purchase fees, they are set at 0,19%.

An integrated financial application called IPOT that allows users to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs while also being called the “Amazon of Investment Tracking.” This method will allow you to earn money from the sale of your mutual funds.

10. Ajaib (Investment with Minimum Capital IDR 0)

The Ajaib Group has two companies: Ajaib Sekuritas (PT. Ajaib Sekuritas Asia) and Ajaib Reksadana (PT. Ajaib Reksadana Asia) (PT. Takjub Teknologi Indonesia).

You won't be confused the first time you invest in Ajaib, because the company name is easy to remember. Financial circumstances may require guidance and product suggestions tailored to your specific situation.

Ajaib will offer you up-to-date market analysis, and will give you alerts so you can benefit from the stock market by investing or reducing your losses.

Apart from that, the OSE stock broker certified by BEI and OJK has also obtained an operating permit from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). Magic App available for download here.

Useful information about choosing Stocks app

These are some pre-made stock investing apps for people who are just starting out in the world of stock investing. Choosing a stock app requires many important factors to consider, including:

  • Adjust your budget so you can get your own bank account. Securities that exclusively offer certain Mutual Fund (RDN) options to certain customers are an example of this type of security.
  • Trading fees are low in comparison. It really makes buying and selling shares simpler for you. This implies you pay very little fees even if you make frequent transactions.
  • Adjust to available financial resources It is not recommended to purchase any securities that demand a large initial investment. When you consider that you are new to investing in stocks, you may be an investor who just wants to experiment with stock investment tools. In such cases, you have the option to choose assets that demand minimum initial investment.
  • Remember that people won't use your app if it's difficult to use. You can assess each app's user interface by reading Google Play reviews.


Stock trading has a high rate of return, but the price often fluctuates. The Seeds app will evaluate your profile, age, income, risk and investment goals. For only IDR 10.000, you can make small transactions with the Bareksa application.

Stockbit (Analysis & Discussion) is a stock trading app that allows you to trade stocks with just a few clicks. MOST (Complete Investment Products) was created by Mandiri Sekuritas, the main securities stock under the umbrella of Bank Mandiri.

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