Latest 2021 McLaren 720s Spider Car Prices and Specifications

Mclaren 720s spider car prices and specifications – The first car made by McLaren was launched in 1992. McLaren is still very young, but they always innovate to present the best cars with the latest technology designed for very fast acceleration.

The 2019 McLaren 720s Spider offers an open-top ride. Since its introduction in 2017, the McLaren 720 has made its way into the hypercar market with features and functions that you cannot find in a regular car.

Late last year, McLaren introduced the 720s Spider, which could be an interesting choice for those of you who want to experience speeds of 300 km per hour with the wind blowing right on your head.

Price of the McLaren 720s Spider

Price of the McLaren 720s Car

This supercar is powered by a 4 liter V8 engine with Twin Scroll turbocharger technology operated with Twin Electricaly to produce 720 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque.

With this engine, the McLaren 720 is capable of reaching speeds of 341 km per hour and accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in 2.9 seconds.

The power of the McLaren 720 engine is extraordinary, so the price tag for this McLaren car is very high.

McLaren 720 Car Price in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the price of the McLaren 720 car has soared due to the luxury tax of up to 125 % and huge import fees. At least we have to save 10 billion to buy the lowest version of the McLaren 720, but there is already the McLaren 720 Velocity which automatically costs more than the standard model which is already billions of rupiah.

McLaren 720s exterior

Having the same basis as the exterior appearance of the McLaren 720s, it is almost the same as the Coupe, which was paved first. There are no significant changes to the front of the Spider version compared to the Coupe.

Includes the panda eye sockets that are a hallmark of the 720S. McLaren engineers maintained this design because it played a key role in fitting the LED headlamps with static adaptive headlamp technology, the LED light strips and the aero holes that circulate air in the front radiator to the aero holes in the front fender heads.

The side of the 2019 McLaren 720s Spider is no less impressive than the standard version. Behind its clean appearance, details regarding the air intake and air are kept.

This is due to the double skin design on the 720s doors, where there is space between the inner and outer panels to store air intakes and aerodynamic curves.

McLaren 720s Spider Review 2019 Side and Back View

Seen from the side, the eccentric appearance of the front bezel on the 2017 McLaren 720S is inversely proportional to the side of the supercar. Sure enough, the design curves feel quite neat and not cluttered with aero details or large air intake holes on the sides of the body, despite being a mid-engined supercar.

Viewed from the side, the McLaren iEngineers turned back to increase visibility McLaren 720s Spider 2019 by using a glass-like material on the C-pillar that circulates water to the engine through the tonneau.

McLaren 720s specifications

What are the details of the McLaren720 specifications? Here's the Full Review.

  • McLaren dimensions or dimensions: 720S 2017
  • W x W x H : 4,543 x 1,930 x 1,196 mm
  • Wheel center distance: 2,670 mm
  • Weight: 1,283 kg

2017 McLaren 720S engine

  • Type: M840T 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8, twin-scroll turbocharger
  • Cylinder content: 3,994 cc
  • Maximum power: 720 hp (710 hp) at 7500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 770 Nm at 5500 rpm

2017 McLaren 720S chassis

  • Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch SSG
  • Front suspension: double wishbones with independent active dampers
  • Rear suspension: double wishbones with independent active dampers
  • Front brakes: carbon ceramic brakes
  • Brakes: rear carbon ceramic
  • Tire size: 245/35 R19 + 305/30 R20 (front + rear)

Pros and Cons of McLaren Cars

Pros of McLaren 720s:

  1. Smooth roof mechanism
  2. Beautiful visibility
  3. Extended driving features
  4. Practical
  5. MSO packages available

Disadvantages of the McLaren 720s:

  1. Too identical to the coupe version
  2. The price difference with the coupé version is too great
  3. MSO plans are expensive
  4. Non-standard electrochromatic roof

Prices for Used McLaren 720s As of 2021

As of May 27 2021, there are 15 prices for used McLaren 720S with prices ranging from IDR 7.9 billion to IDR 11.5 billion.

Following are the prices for used McLaren720s cars:

Currently there are 7 used prices for the 2019 McLaren 720S with prices starting at IDR 8 billion and 8 used prices for the 2018 McLaren 720S with prices starting at IDR 7.9 billion.

The cheapest model is the McLaren 720S / petrol / automatic / 0-4,999 km/min. 7.9 Billion and the most expensive is McLaren 720S / petrol / matic 2019 / 0-4.999 km / min. 11.5 billion.

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