3D Car Design Application 2022 for Android Phones

Rancakmedia.com – To design your favorite car design, requires the use of an application, that's why we recommend a 3D car design application. If you want to design a car body kit, the right 3D car design application can make your task easier and faster.

If you're looking for a car costume app, there are plenty of free and free apps to download. It is also more feasible to design car modifications on laptops, PCs and notebooks.

The design tools can be used to create all kinds of 3D car models. Cars from Asian manufacturers including Toyota, Daihatsu, Honda and Mitsubishi can be designed. You can also design Nissan, Datsun and Isuzu cars and trucks. It could be a new product from Wuling or Hyundai.

3D Car Design Application and for Car Modification on Windows Laptops

You can test car parts designs or master car color modification methods using programs on Windows. Not only for car design from the outside, but also for the inside. Try to design elegant interiors like Chevrolet, BMW and Mercedes Benz cars.

AutoCAD Revit LT Suite


  1. Structural Rebar: Basic Reinforcing Steel Installation
  2. Stiffener: Creates a Chart Back Plate
  3. View Visibility States for Fabric Sheet: View the 3D View

AutoCAD Revit LT Suite is an application branch founded by AutoDesk. AutoDesk is the ancestor of many of today's most popular software programs. On its own, Revit LT is a design application with several tools for creating three-dimensional diagrams.

Rotating Hooks, Couplers and End Treatments make up the bulk of Structural Rebar. It serves to make the basic framework such as reinforcing steel for the intended area of the building or car.

Stiffeners intended for steel joints (iron or gutter joints) (iron or gutter joints). It's a special machining method that helps make the plane look more blunt at certain angles.

View Visibility allows you to have a solid view of the design you produce. View in 3D model or analytical which is suitable for 3d car model with this feature available to you.

3ds Max Car Design Application


  1. Bone and Biped: Building Bones and Basic Skeletons
  2. Hair and Fur: Makes Things Hairy
  3. Camera: Object Capture

Just like Revit LT, 3ds-Max is also a product from AutoDesk. 3ds Max is quite popular in the design field because its vector output and animations look very lifelike.

Many designers use it to design characters or individuals. However, 3ds Max is also widely used in the automotive industry, especially for car interior design.

Using Bones and Biped, you can build the framework of the product. Bipeds also make things move. Whereas Bone turns the core framework into an outer shell of an object.

Hair and fur gives the illusion that an item has hair or fur. Meanwhile. The camera allows the designer to take photos from the right angle and quickly change the design being created.

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